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  1. buzzy

    [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    Will do... Life is a never ending learning process... Thanks a lot!
  2. buzzy

    [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    Sorry, I just noticed I didn't mention that I first reported to LR. But as I have stated above it happens only with IXEG.
  3. buzzy

    [Merged] XP11.10 BETA ISSUES

    Since upgrade to XP11.10, while configuring the joystick the computer shuts down. This happened in B1, B2 and now in B3. Self shut down comes between 25 seconds to 1 minute 30 seconds from going into config screen...puff black screen and computer is off. When restarting I don't get any dreaded windows blue screen or messages... I have tried with other aircraft (Laminar 737, Zibo mod) but nothing happened with them only IXEG...XP log file is attached. OS Win 10 pro. Saitek Pro Fight System with Sergei's throttle mod. Any help would be much appreciated. Samim Log.txt