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  1. heine19

    X-Aviation Customer Support???

    I'd be willing to pay a few bucks for a download fee. But I still don't think its fair to have to re-buy $50 worth of scenery just to be able to re-download it. "No excuse to not have backups"? Accidents happen. That doesn't justify making me re-buy either.
  2. heine19

    X-Aviation Customer Support???

    Yes, I ordered Phoenix and Arizona. What is the reasoning for this rule? I paid for the product but had a problem with my computer. I'm just trying to recover what I already bought. Thanks :-)
  3. Has anyone else had problems with this company being non-responsive? I purchased a couple products from them and had a hard drive fail. Now I'm trying to re-download what I purchased and their site doesn't allow it. They also won't respond to my emails. I JUST WANT WHAT I PAID FOR. I'd like to keep purchasing from them in the future, but if this is how customers are treated I'll probably think twice about spending more money there.