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    Autobraking during steep turns

    Greetings! I have troubles while taxiing when i need to make a steep turn on slow speed (<10 kt). It looks like diff.brakes automatically braking one of gears (inner). This is done in very rude way so that i can't just turn because plane just stopping. I need to put way too much thrust just to overpower that diff.brake pressure. I use joystick with twist, no pedals. Saab 1.5.1, XP11.30b5. I doubt that this was introduced in 11.30. Maybe someone can confirm this behaviour? Steep turn on low speed and close to idle power. Can i get rid of this autobraking? And speaking about brakes. Zibo has nice option to map one diff.brake axis but it will affect both wheels and I can get gradual and silky smooth braking on my rotary axis on joystic. 1 axis for both diff.brakes. Very handy. It would be nice to have it here also.
  2. Junglist

    Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/134977-c208b-caravan-xp1110rc2/&do=findComment&comment=1295987 Maybe this post will be relevant. I've expirienced same problems in B1900 aswell, but now it looks like it working fine.
  3. Junglist

    Autopilot stopped working in 11.10r1

    Is there any fast fix that can be done in PlaneMaker or somewhere else? Or problem is much deeper inside custom avionics? Maybe at least is known, what couses this AP issues in 11.10?
  4. Junglist

    XP 11 "Altitude Set"

    Try it with your scrollwheel or click in drag and drag mode. There is an option to use it via mouse scrollwheel or via click and drag mode. You can choose only one way to use, wich is oddly to me. Fine adjustmens are good with scrollwheel and large changes much quicker with click and drag. Consider this as a feature request for 1.5 and/or 2.0 version, dear devs.
  5. Try to turn ON LRN (GPS) mode not with buttons from GNS530 bezel, but from roller near NAV1 radio on top of the main panel.The one, that is after EFIS brightness adjuster.
  6. Here is video of how it works in XP11. Check that you edited the appropriate ACF file (passenger version, for example) and then SAVED it in PlaneMaker and loaded it in XP11 after that. X-Plane_10.28.2017_-_19.21.12.01.mp4
  7. There is an option in Planemaker to enable CDI to by syncronised to GPS DTK value. So it can be turned ON. Then, needle should always turn to DTK value to next waypoint. I'm talking about XP11. My question here is: is that working like that in realworld counterpart?
  8. Junglist

    Cant taxi below 40 Knots

    Can i assign some key to that steering tiller? It's a pain to push it with mouse during landing.