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  1. I understand Linux will not be "officially" supported, that is something us Linux users are use to, we just support each other . A little javascript for checking if people are using Linux var useragent = navigator.userAgent; if (useragent.toLowerCase().search("linux") > 0) { document.write('<h3>We see you are using Linux, these planes use the Gizmo64 API which makes them currently incompatible with Linux. Sorry for the inconvenience.</h3>'); }
  2. So I assume Gizmo64 has some sort of DRM function? This might be a better question for Ben but will upgrading Gizmo64 break break functionality of DRM in existing products?
  3. That is not a good reason not to state when a plugin is not supported. There will be a few users purchase one of these planes and not ask for a refund after seeing the policy on refunds, they simply wont come back(Granted, not many). The installers are not an issue, there are ways around that such as using WINE. Plugins that use and API such as SASL will work fine on all platforms. How many of the plugins/planes on the store use Gizmo64? Which ones use SASL? This might soon be a issue of the past once Gizmo64 is ported, Linux users will just need need to make a few tweaks to get things working.
  4. Ok thanks, that is good to know. I was basing the no refunds on the following policy. "Please be aware that due to the nature of downloads being intangible goods, we do not offer refunds for any reason. You waive the right to a refund as soon as you process and download your order. " It would still be a good idea to add information about which Operating Systems are not supported to a products description to avoid any issues on both ends. Yes The API the plane I purchased uses is Gizmo64. Ben stated there will be a Linux version available in the near future, so I will not ask for a refund as I will need the aircraft to help test the Linux port of Gizmo64.
  5. Hi, If a operating system is not supported by a product, then you are obligated to state this fact in the products description. Not doing so is malicious as you are taking their money and there is no refunds, some of these planes are $40, that is a lot of money to some people. There are products on your store that use a API not supported on all versions of X-Plane on the platforms that X-Plane can run on. x-plane.org, always states when a operating system or version of X-plane is not compatible with a plane or plugin on their store. I will not be buying any other products from your store until this is done, I am not trying to be rude but you cannot expect people not to complain after spending money on something to find out afterwards something that should have been stated on the products description. Some of those planes look really nice but for now I will be sticking with payware from other sites. Regards, Jake.