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  1. Fedorvet

    IXEG activation

    Thank you very very much for understanding!
  2. Fedorvet

    IXEG activation

    Hi! I've wrote to your support a two weeks ago with appeal to reset my activation for IXEG and got no answer. I think thats because the SkymaxxPro 4 that was bought from my account is now using on another IP. And I think that you blocked my IP maybe. And I should explain that - several month ago I decide to present a SMP3 and RMC to my good friend (of course, without any pay, trust me, please) because now I'm using another clouds and weather generator. After that he wanted to upgrade it and gave me money to by SMP4. Now he uses it with pleasure. About a week ago I found that my IXEG requests activation and I can't perfom it. Guys, please, return to me the possibility to fly on that great plane! A swear that I'll never give none of your products to anyone! And please, let my friend use the SMP4 and RWC! I'm absolutly sure that he won't resell or gift it to anyone! Best regards to you from Saint-Petersburg, Russia.