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  1. Hi I have searched the forums if it has been up for discussion but I dodn't find anything. My problem is that the aircraft is climbing very slow, with a TOW about 50 000 kg, the climb rate after FL250 and upwards is between 300-600ft/min. I didn't have this issue before I updated to the latest version. I also have a problem with the fuel planning using PFPX with the aircraft profile coming from airlinerperformance.net. The fuel calculation was always spot on with prevoius versions of this aircraft, now I end up using about 700-1000 kg more fuel on a 2 hour trip. Did I just missunderstand something when upgrading to the latest version?
  2. Simolar

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    I would be very happy if someone wanted to paint this livery of former Swedish airline Falcon Air http://www.airliners.net/photo/Falcon-Air/Boeing-737-33A%28QC%29/820642/L?qsp=eJwtjEEKwkAMRe%2BStS6K4KI7ewFdeIEw%2BWixOiEJ6FB6d%2BPg7vEevJVKfQU%2BcW0KGsnBVu60I2Xjp9O40gPtXU28170oZ/VqMbU0woFTKdCA/P3ZBPZL8NJHtxwPCbBLZzoc08vsunB/IHheaNu%2BT/8u1Q%3D%3D Simon
  3. Hi all! I'm new to the world of X-plane and recently bought X-plane 10 since my computer don' really handle X-plane 11 all too well. However, what a huge step up from P3D in my opinion! And the feeling the 737 delivers is beyond what I thought was possible on desktop simulation. The instruments are so fluent in this 737 compared to other 737's in other simulators they all of a sudden look like a slideshow. I feel almost stupid not converting to X-plane earlier Anyhow, I have had many crashes to desktop when selecting ILS, VOR or RNAV approaches in the FMC, that is selecting the approach before selecting an arrival route. But it seems like most of the crashes doesn't repeat themselves if I select the STAR before selecting an approach. I just thought I'd share it with the rest you if it isn't already common knowledge. Hope this works for others as well until the patch is ready. Best regards Simon