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  1. sidfadc

    Questions about the sounds

    Awesome, I'm not going to ask the "when is it released" question but I will ask "do you have a v2 roadmap" so I can see what features are coming? Thanks
  2. Sorry for all the questions! So I have mapped a button to engage/disengage the tiller. I've found when I have landed I have barely any deflection with the rudder pedals which means I seem to slide left or right off the runway UNLESS I engage the tiller as soon as I land. This is most definitely my sloppy technique but whats the correct procedure on touchdown? Its a bit much when I've landed to engage the tiller immediately when workload is high. Thanks
  3. sidfadc

    Questions about the sounds

    Hi I don't mean to offend that wasn't my intention, in fact I have had two flights now (albeit very sloppy) and boy is she hot to handle! The outside sound is just a little bit repetitive, the sound doesn't appear 3D like it sounds the same if I'm zoomed out compared to when my nose is on the props. Its just the same drone like sound, inside its much better. Thanks
  4. sidfadc

    X Camera conflicts

    ok will do thanks
  5. sidfadc

    X Camera conflicts

    I use X Camera but it conflicts with the interactive checklist views. When I click VIEW on the checklist it snaps to the right view but then returns to a default position immediately. Is there a workaround available? Thanks!
  6. sidfadc

    Questions about the sounds

    I have read some reviews about how the sounds on the Saab are impressive. For me quality sound cannot be underestimated and personally adds a lot to the immersion factor. Coming over from P3D I think most aircraft in XP are very substandard in that department so was looking forward to seeing what all the fuss is about. After only a couple of short flights granted not a lot, I'm not that impressed. Inside there is a nice rumble to the props when you fire them up but elsewhere I think its pretty lacking. Particularly the outside view. The sound outside the aircraft is the most disappointing. I have the Majestic Q400 on P3D and doesn't really compare. What are other people's thoughts?
  7. sidfadc

    A Saab story

    I think the moral of your story is this...... Never ever take a new aircraft into the virtual skies on VATSIM/Pilotedge/IVAO. I always do a good few flights offline to iron out those niggles and to at least ensure I am relatively comfortable.
  8. sidfadc

    Standby frequencies for NAV and COM really dull

    Yes mine is like that, its barely ok in certain light conditions but if a shadow is cast over it its very difficult to read.
  9. Hi guys New user here, bought this yesterday. This could be my issue entirely but the standby frequencies in NAV1, NAV2, COM1, COM2 are really dull, ie not bright enough. I can barely read them, can backup with a screenshot if necessary but is this normal? The active frequencies can be read perfectly easily. I have fiddled with all the internal lights and turned up to max. Thanks
  10. sidfadc

    Just bought this yesterday...

    Had a quick play with it last night on the ground configuring cameras and finding my way around. One thing I have noticed is the hefty documentation, particularly the 209 page systems PDF. You can always tell the quality of a simulation by the size of the documentation! Just on my lunch at work....guess what I am reading? Thanks
  11. sidfadc

    Thinking of buying...

    The last few replies guys come across a little condescending whether you realise it or not. I can manage perfectly well without vnav, yes I already know how to calculate a descent based on ground speed target altitude etc. My point is I'm surprised the so called best plane in xplane doesn’t have a proper vnav. I’m a little sick of paying for 60 dollar plus aircraft which are incomplete. I shouldn’t be forced into using lvl change or vs, I should be able to use vnav on descent if I choose to do so because that’s what the plane is designed to do in the first place. Is this something that is going to be addressed in the next update? Thanks
  12. sidfadc

    Thinking of buying...

    Yea I fly a lot on Pilotedge so flying complex arrivals with restrictions is important. Hmmmm....
  13. sidfadc

    Thinking of buying...

    Wait...VNAV on descent doesn’t work?
  14. sidfadc

    Thinking of buying...

    So 1.20 is latest release and works ok with 11.11? Thanks
  15. sidfadc

    Thinking of buying...

    I’ve upgraded to the latest version of xplane 11.11 and I’m wondering if the plane is fully compatible. I can see there is is a 1.2.1 update due, what’s the latest? Thanks