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  1. Thinking of buying...

    The last few replies guys come across a little condescending whether you realise it or not. I can manage perfectly well without vnav, yes I already know how to calculate a descent based on ground speed target altitude etc. My point is I'm surprised the so called best plane in xplane doesn’t have a proper vnav. I’m a little sick of paying for 60 dollar plus aircraft which are incomplete. I shouldn’t be forced into using lvl change or vs, I should be able to use vnav on descent if I choose to do so because that’s what the plane is designed to do in the first place. Is this something that is going to be addressed in the next update? Thanks
  2. Thinking of buying...

    Yea I fly a lot on Pilotedge so flying complex arrivals with restrictions is important. Hmmmm....
  3. Thinking of buying...

    Wait...VNAV on descent doesn’t work?
  4. Thinking of buying...

    So 1.20 is latest release and works ok with 11.11? Thanks
  5. Thinking of buying...

    I’ve upgraded to the latest version of xplane 11.11 and I’m wondering if the plane is fully compatible. I can see there is is a 1.2.1 update due, what’s the latest? Thanks
  6. SMP4 - Sudden weather change

    Sorry to jump on this thread but I am struggling with sudden weather changes even with real weather connector. I also use the NOAA plugin and have taken advice to turn this off and use the xplane real weather option but the problem persists. Difficult to fly VFR on pilotedge when I'm flying along and it goes from VMC to IMC in an instant. Is this a configuration problem on my end? If so would appreciate some help. Thanks Sid
  7. Hi guys, Just downloaded it, PDF opens automatically after the end of the installation which I closed by accident. Question is where has this installed to? I can see a SkyMaxx folder under my plugin menu but no sign of any PDF documentation. My Skymaxx entry in the Start menu has nothing inside it either? The software seems to have installed correctly in the sim, I can see the SkyMaxx config options under the plugin menu in the sim. I just need to find the documentation to go with it being a new XP user and new to Skymaxx entirely. Thanks Sid