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    Antonov 225

    It depends on the price, and the "rights" of ownership to re-sell your work. If I have to pay for development, I would need full ownership to resell the model. OR, You could just design it and sell it yourself. But one person will not fully fund your project without [1]. Knowing the detail of the work you can do, and with the pay only if satisfied of the results. [2]. Having to ability to recoup the cost of the investment by reselling it to multiple X-Plane enthusiasts.
  2. Dennis Ayers

    Antonov 225

    Well the average price of a brand New photo-realistic plane including a photo-realistic 3D cockpit is approximately $60.00. and from several sales the dev makes his money. Not from one person. I am willing to pay $60.00 for a photo-realistic cockpit only for the An-225. On the other hand... is there a way to use a standard Heavy 3D cockpit for the AN-225 I am not really that anal about authenticity and being russian and all that... I just want to be able to fly the AN-225 with a DECENT looking cockpit.
  3. Dennis Ayers

    Antonov 225

    I think that it most likely would not be a reasonable price because you led with the quote: "I would, but you wouldn't like my "reasonable price". Meaning you price would not be reasonable? If you wanted to offer a reasonable quote then do so. You can put it out there for all to see. And remember you can sell it to more than one person so multiple people could cover your design effort?
  4. Dennis Ayers


    Where can I find the Antonov 225 with a good 3D cockpit? Am willing to buy a reasonable and well done plane/cockpit There is a free download and it is great except for the 3D cockpit looks like it was designed for Minecraft.
  5. Dennis Ayers

    Antonov 225

    Hello, I was wondering if anyone wanted to take on the challenge of making a photo realistic 3D cockpit for the Antonov 225 (World's Largest Aircraft)? I am willing to buy it at a reasonable price point. There is a great free version,(AN225)but the 3d cockpit is very poor. Looks like it was designed by MineCraft. I am positive people would be interested in the World's Largest Aircraft! Especially the iconic AN225 !!! If you are interested or know of someone I could contact to ask for this design build please let me know!