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  1. callum112233

    Multiple computers

    Hi all. I have two computers running X-Plane. Is it allowed to install the IXEG on two machines at the same time? Thanks.
  2. callum112233

    Landing speed query.

    Hi all. I have now managed to be able to do a full flight from start to finish without any major problems. I am a bit confused about Vref speeds though. In the charts manual (page 29) there is some Vref speeds to use for landing. I was around 24,000 lbs so I used flap 20 and the chart gave me a Vref speed of 112 knots. The problem is, if I go anywhere near this speed, the nose attitude is way too high and it feels like it is going to stall. What am I doing wrong? Thanks. Callum.
  3. callum112233

    Pitch trim wheel moving by itself with AP off

    So it's a semi-airbus with semi-autotrim? I did wonder why it was trimming it's self. i thought I had a ghost in the cockpit at first. Now i know
  4. callum112233

    Jet2.com @ LOWW

    I'm actually surprised Jet2 have the old steam gauges O_o The inaugural flight was two years ago though in 2014.
  5. callum112233

    IXEG Rain Effects

  6. callum112233

    Photo scenery with the 733

    oops, my bad. Thanks for the help.
  7. callum112233

    Photo scenery with the 733

    The photo scenery for that area looks beautiful. Maybe I should reserve it for GA flying though. Here is my log anyway. Log.txt
  8. callum112233

    Photo scenery with the 733

    Hi. I was doing a flight from KSAN to KLAS last night on pilotedge. I had KSAN airport scenery, KLAS airport scenery and Las Vegas area photo scenery installed specially for the flight. I had been in cruise for around 15 mins and I got the message 'X-plane has stopped working' and was subsequently dumped back to the desktop. This is the first time X-plane has crashed for me so suddenly and unexpectedly. I am wondering if anyone else has suffered sudden crashed with the IXEG or weather I should point my finger at the photo scenery. Is photo scenery very demanding on resources? Thanks. Callum.
  9. callum112233

    IXEG Rain Effects

    I don't think there are any rain effects on the windscreen on the IXEG. Correct me if I am wrong though.