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  1. 1achmed1


    Are there plans to get it updated?
  2. 1achmed1

    Init not running

    That did it. Thanks for the quick reply!
  3. 1achmed1

    Init not running

    I'm trying to add some extra functionality to the default 738 in X-Plane 11. I create the scripts folder, then added an init.lua file. I copy/pasted the code from gizmo64.com. When I loaded the place in X-Plane 11, the script didn't run. I added a console message in the code as a test, but that didn't fire either. Here's a screenshot with the file structure:
  4. 1achmed1

    Fix Engine Heat Waves (possibly)?

    I think this thread has been 7500ed.
  5. 1achmed1

    Flight Deck Shadows

    Maybe you could work with Cam to integrate the shadow option in the installer or alternatively just make it a preferences option, which on second though would probably be easier? Anyway, just an idea.
  6. 1achmed1

    A/T Indicators Show in Reply Mode

    I know it's small and not really a bug, but thanks for fixing it anyway
  7. I tested the autoland last night (which was amazing, btw, better than some of my landings), but when I did replays of the landing the A/T thing showed up like when you disable it and you need to move your thrust levers to the proper position for them to engage. I recorded the autoland just in case I found bugs: (Skip ahead to 13:10 if it doesn't automatically.) As a side note, you'll see the throttle go up on landing. Those are the reversers.
  8. 1achmed1

    Repeated x-plane crash

    Have you tried reinstalling the aircraft via the installer then installing the hotfixes?
  9. 1achmed1

    Fix Engine Heat Waves (possibly)?

    That's what I'd figured, given how close the cold air is to the jet, so thanks for the info
  10. 1achmed1

    Fix Engine Heat Waves (possibly)?

    I've seen it modeled properly it other aircraft, I think maybe the JARDesign A320, not sure, my collection has built up, but I have seen it modeled properly on other aircraft.
  11. Not a bug, but seeing as the CFM56 engines on the 737 are turbofans, there's a jet engine core which produces hot air thrust, and a bypass duct surrounding it, which is for cool air thrust from the N1 fan. At least that's my understanding, feel free to correct it. Assuming my understanding is correct, shouldn't there just be hot air coming out of the jet portion of the engine? If that's the case, why are the hot air waves in X-Plane coming out of the entire engine? I realize it might be an engine limitation, but since this is a study-level simulation (although not actually entirely finished yet, I realize that), I would expect some little things like this would be properly modeled. Anyway, I realize this isn't a pressing issue like the 1300 acknowledged bug reports, but still.
  12. 1achmed1

    Arduino fun

    I found this IC, which can drive 64 LEDs or up to 8 7-segment displays, which means only two of these are need to drive the main part of the MCP, or 3 if you want the course selectors. I'd imagine that any 7 segment display would work, so if you could manage to separate your linked voltage meter from the display, it would work beautifully with your MCP. As for the LED buttons, I found the buttons you're using from this article, which includes a link to buy them from conrad.de, but they're out of stock with no picture, so I'd imagine they're not coming back. A quick search on ebay for LED momentary switch reveals only metal buttons with blue or red LED rings, which frankly aren't good enough and would be ugly against the grey of the Honeywell MCP in the 737 Classic, thus the saga for buttons continues.
  13. 1achmed1

    Arduino fun

    I assume the faceplate was hand painted?
  14. 1achmed1

    Arduino fun

    what Arduino and switches did you use? @frumpy