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  1. stealthbob

    Quick memory max out on load

    **Solved** So after going through the sequence I realized I never did reload XPlane after I deleted TBM... After another full uninstall, shutdown XP I also shutdown the PC for other reasons, I booted reloaded XP and the IXEG to test my licencing. Then shut it down and reinstalled TBM, loaded and all good.
  2. stealthbob

    Quick memory max out on load

    Been using this model since release and up to today was running v 1.0.1 with no issue. Decided to do the update and on load I get a fast memory load up to max (32GB) and then the eventual computer lock up. Running XP 3.26, other planes load and run fine Uninstalled completely and tried rolling back, I assume the older releases are not supported though? Re installed with new 1.1.1 and same issue No other changes made to system, meaning only action taken/change to system today was to update the TBM to 1.1.1 One item of note however I did have the issue on first load of the update where the dialog indicates if I want to restore old flight. I cliked Yes I guess what I need is to ensure that I have completely purged the old install as I assume something is being persisted and is corrupted. I did do the auto uninstall from the provided files, I also tried manually deleting inc. the TBM file in the Output folder. Any thoughts to next steps? Thanks
  3. stealthbob

    Loading issue Sim paused and grey screen

    Brilliant... thanks, forgot about the global persistence. Brand new plane I should note, I recalled the side menu missing issue due to my multi screen setup. I enabled full screen sim on another and the menu was there, closed that one and all the menu's show on the original screen. Now I see the main dialog box for the tutorial as well
  4. On first install it started fine however I was missing the side menu. Thinking it was an activation glitch (seen before in other models) I uninstalled and reinstalled. Now the sim starts in pause and sim screen is now blank grey. I cleared all plug ins to default I disabled my antivirus/malware tested other aircraft no issue Also note I am testing with CAVOK weather. Gizmo menu on the right is there and reset button does work. Also note on first run i interrupted the tutorial by quitting the sim as the sound was through speakers and I wanted on headset. Also confirmed TBM is in the activated list through gizzmo
  5. stealthbob

    Adding more custom controls

    Thanks @Tom Stian and @Torbjoern... I suspect I am not communicating properly or I don't have a proper understanding of how this all works. Let me describe what I am ultimately trying to accomplish and why. I use a Thrust Master WartHog and want to fully leverage the buttons. For the most part I can map everything but struggle with the variations in aircraft types. I found xassign and that pretty much fixed everything...with exception to the custom commands for certain aircraft ie: the IXEG. I found xjoymap to be a strong app to do all the custom commands, have them all working as required. At issue is I am unable to get the mapping to work for the XP11 default commands (all of them) in xjoymap. For me to bind a non custom command I would have to use the XP11 commands, which is fine for one aircraft but I wanted unique maps for each aircraft. So the reverser is just one aspect but the end goal is to be able to map all the commands (custom and XP11) through xjoymap and have a each aircraft with its own unique setup as I could with xassign in XP10. Could you show me an example of how you would write the xmjoymap lines using the xp11 "sim/xxxx/xxxx_xxxx_toggle" commands? Again thanks.... -Bob
  6. stealthbob

    Adding more custom controls

    Hate to bump an old thread but just wanted to thank you guys for all the info dropped in here....I have been able to map all the custom IXEG data refs to my TM warthog. Strangely my issue is using the default sim data refs, They work fine when selected in XP11 but when I use the xjoymap binding its a no go. I want to use the xjoymap.ini for each aircraft (placed in each acf folder) so I can always have a unique set for each. example is this: Working fine: [Auto Throttle Toggle] new_command=Auto Throttle Toggle dataref=ixeg/733/MCP/mcp_at_arm_act values = 0,1 Not working [Thrust Reverse] new_command=Thrust Reverse dataref=sim/engines/thrust_reverse_toggle values = 0,1 Am I using the wrong sim dataref, I tried others as well all the same result. Thanks
  7. Ummm ok...moving along Hope your time spent on that was worth it to you
  8. In reference to the Hand Flying comment...I think many a simpilot confuses the the hand fly with Navigation Navigational mode and "hand flying" are mutually exclusive. This example highlights that, this departure requires you to use Nav radios and not the GPS system to navigate to the point so that you are direct GOVIK on R241 MNS. The fact that you "hand fly" or use your AP via heading mode then VOR LOC is inconsequential. That notwithstanding, one should be hand flying this dep really. All the map really needs to display (similar to a Vectors Dept) is the route starting post GOVIK for us simmers, so to daemotrons point: " Nav data for simming purpose will most probably never reach the perfection they would need, so as an aircraft developer, you will hardly be able to avoid implementing some work-arounds for the most common flaws " This is very salient here. There is such a thing as the laws of diminishing return, how much time energy and effort will it take to draw a line that in all reality is not required for Sim pilots. In my opinion...lets let them focus on larger systematic weakness such as in the VNAV.
  9. There is a reason this chart has "VOR/DME required". You have to fly this Departure /A until established on the MNS VOR R241 DCT to GOVIK There are other ways to Navigate than RNAV Fun looking departure, think I will try it.....
  10. stealthbob

    Takeoff Configuration Warning system

    Spoilers should not be armed...this was the typical issue for most (including myself) Flaps Set/Trim set/RTO set...should be good
  11. stealthbob

    Pilotedge: a new online network, beta has started

    Just stumbled in on this thread and feel compelled to update it. PilotEdge is in the process of setting up for expansion! The new sites are illustrated here: http://myflightroute.com/ No actual timelines are confirmed but there was a one time test event a week ago in KABQ...
  12. stealthbob

    Wind Direction in X-Plane (True vs. Magnetic)

    That clears up an issue I was confused about, always thought I had different weather than what the PilotEdge controllers had. I use the Wind data indicator panel in XPLane, I am going to assume that is True and not Magnetic?
  13. stealthbob

    X-Plane Performance and Bottlenecks?

    It would seem that Inverse Hyperthread (2 cores one thread) is not active in Skylake? I havent seen anywhere where Intel touts that this is true? I highly doubt they would be this quiet on this rather large improvement on CPU design.
  14. stealthbob

    X-Plane Performance and Bottlenecks?

    Apparently the new Skylake supports "inverse hyperthreading" which should greatly aid single thread programs like XPlane....hopefully we will start to see some report back on this.
  15. stealthbob

    What is the best computer setup for x-plane 10

    Next to that is the Skylake and this claim: http://www.myce.com/news/skylake-cpus-have-inverse-hyper-threading-to-boost-single-thread-performance-77011/ Kowing that XPlane is single threaded I assume this new CPU could be a nice bost for us?