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    Example Scripts

    Hi sorry for the slow reply. I had a go at your corrected line and had no success. My rather broad goal is to be able to place objects at co-ordinates that can be used for complex missions. I find that feature in gizmo interesting because it would allow all sorts of options such as placing an object at a random location within certain bounds etc I have used FlyWithLua alot, so I know a small amount. But this is helping me appreciate how limited my current understanding is Thanks for your help
  2. BenDLeadbetter

    Example Scripts

    Hi Everyone, Is there any examples scripts out there for Gizmo? I am wanting to explore the object and particle parts of the API but I think I am making some simple syntax mistakes as whenever I try to load an object, Xplane just crashes when I hit "Reboot Scripts" with the example line modified to point at an object in a folder that's in XP11 local obj_id = gfx.loadObject( "Aircraft/General Aviation/Cirrus Jet/objects/cockpit.obj" ) local exampleobj = gfx.loadObject( "Aircraft/Laminar Research/Aerolite 103/objects/controls.obj" ) Thankyou!
  3. BenDLeadbetter

    Starting with Gizmo

    Great thanks for the pointers, I appreciate it
  4. BenDLeadbetter

    Starting with Gizmo

    Thanks for the tips, Sorry I should have clarified that I have been using lua with AirManager and FlyWithLua for a while to animate gauges and work with timers/buttons etc I guess my subconscious didn't register it as important information as I am self aware about how little I know, alot of the tasks I do with it are variations of what I have already done before I will take onboard your suggestion and focus on learning more about the language. Are there any example scripts I can try and digest to build my understanding? The thing that sparked my questions was trying some of the examples people had posted (which worked at the time of posting) and they either spat out errors or crashed xplane
  5. BenDLeadbetter

    Starting with Gizmo

    Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me, bit of a noob with programming. I have gotten as far as a hello world sketch. Is there any example scripts anywhere? I have looked through the wiki and can see the functions etc but looking for the next part of the puzzle. Thanks for your help! Ben