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    Hey. I have a question about the MU-2, I remember from I got it first. Many years ago, Landing the MU-2 was a challenge, It had a roll tendency of what I remember. But with 1.9 I can land it without any problem. So my question is if there is some helper for flying it? also noticed the yoke is really slow compared to input. Anariaq
  2. Anariaq

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    Well it is a good thing that Laminar finally is updating the GPS. http://developer.x-plane.com/2014/03/new-approach-capable-gps-navigator-in-x-plane-10-30/ Been to long with the old one. But fear that it will be pushed back to later release,
  3. Anariaq

    The Immortal DHC-2 Beaver

    I have one question about this aircraft. Will there be an option to have a gps installed?
  4. Anariaq

    ground resistance

    Many thanks. Will get it when the update comes Can not wait. Anariaq
  5. Anariaq

    ground resistance

    I just want to know if the bug with taxiing and taking off from dirt/grass runways have been fixed? Thinking on getting it. But most flight for me happens at dirt/grass airports. Could not ask on the other topic, because it is locked. So hope this is ok. Anariaq
  6. Anariaq

    Problems with weather radar.

    Ok i have been checking it out. Tried with removing every plugin except gizmo, but that did not change anything. Then tried different configuration of the weather radar. And the findings is that when I select normal, the weather radar works without problems. It shows the weather. The only time it actually crash is when I select test and just push the distance. It will crash x-plane every time. So the problem I have found, is that test dos not like me to change the distance. Hope that helped.
  7. Anariaq

    Problems with weather radar.

    Many thanks. If you need more info just ask.
  8. Anariaq

    Problems with weather radar.

    Hope they are the files you need. GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  9. Anariaq

    Problems with weather radar.

    Hey new here. I have some problems with weather radar. Actually I do not know if it should work at all. But when ever I do it crashes X-plane. The log says that x-plane crashed because of Gizmo. The way I replicate it, is to start the saab up, select weather on the map, then set the system to standby, Then whenever I try to select distance, x-plane crashes. I do not know why it dos that. But kinda annoying. Though can fly the saab without any problem. So long I do not touch the weather system. Also I have problem with the mini GPS not showing any info about coordinate and direction. But can see there is already a topic about it. Will monitor that one closely.