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    Creating aircraft from CAD data

    Cheers, I'll have to have a play with it a bit (lot) more and find a way I'm comfortable with. I spent a lot of time this afternoon in CATIA making a nice surface model then ended up with a 40meg STL file and was kicking myself for not realising it was going to end up unusable, even though it should be obvious!! Cheers for the tips guys, I suppose like most I'll have to find the way I'm most comfortable and take it from there !
  2. glenneaux

    Creating aircraft from CAD data

    Ahhh Ben thank you haha, filled in the missing link. I actually have the NMG for the aircraft so hopefully that can short cut the process a lot. "losing your mind fighting with PainMakers insane GUI concepts" .. hit the nail on the head, and made me laugh !
  3. glenneaux

    Creating aircraft from CAD data

    There seems to be an art to getting appropriate background images.. I cut mine off at the very tip of the plane and now when I try to drag the front points to the edge of the window it shifts them all. Man what a head f.......
  4. glenneaux

    Creating aircraft from CAD data

    This is for the visual model yeah? What about creating the aerodynamic model? Right now I'm struggling to get my top/side views aligned.. i've created them so they are both 2048 pixels in width with the same start/end aligned horizontally, but when i load them into plane maker they're different sizes because of the vertical size being different? Do I have to make them both exactly the same width/height so it maintains my alignment?
  5. Hello everyone I'm a bit of a newcomer to X-Plane but glad to be here I'm going to attempt to create the below aircraft, the Gippsaero GA8. Now what I'm finding frustrating is wrangling Plane Maker into letting me do it, and what's more frustrating is the fact that I had CAD models of the aircraft. Is there no way to import cross sections with actual dimensions? Or do I have to eyeball everything to the side/top/bottom profiles? Does anyone have any tips for how to construct this aircraft?. Some things that I've noticed that I need to be careful of are: Ventral finRudder extends to the bottom of the fuselage (Fuselage doesn't end in a point)Do I model the fuselage upto the firewall or all the way to the base of the prop?Other than that it's relatively straight forward. I believe.