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Crosshair Flying with mouse

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Hi everybody, sorry about my english but I thing that its a ISSUE and ONLY HAPPENS at IXEG 737.
I can't see my "crosshair" or "plus sign" mouse sign at IXEG 737. In all other aircrafts are perfectly working. 

While you don't use the mouse as yoke, the PLUS SIGN is present at the screen. After you click on it, there is a square with the yoke area.
SO, at the IXEG 737, there is no indication of the PLUS SIGN, and I have to guess where the crosshair is, and sometimes crash the plane because of this.
When I discover the "mouse area" it's draws perfectly.

Please, review this for me. I'm poor and don't have money now to buy a yoke now. I'm saving money at about 1 year (since I meet this project) to buy this dream aircraft.

Thanks a lot...
You can see the real problem at my youtube channel at this video.


Screen Shot 2016-05-02 at 11.50.00 PM.png


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