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Beechcraft T34C Mentor in XP10.20B2 (64-bit)

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Javier's Beechcraft T34C Mentor just keeps getting better! :D

Just taken her for a quick spin in the latest XP10.20B2 (64-bit) HDR mode Extreme Res.

YES! I know it's not supposed to work in 64-bit mode, but 95% of it does!! the only things I've found that don't work so far is "tuning the Radios", the VOR and ADF displays and needles still work, the ony thing I can't do (so far), in 64 bits is tune! So I just fired up XP10.20b2 (32-bit), set the ADF and VOR radios frequencies, exit XP and re-start XP in (64-bit).

Screenshots below, ones 64-bit and the other is 32-bit XP10.20b2


Read Javiers post on how to use the correct version of XP10.20 here.


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