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Turn Needle deflection

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Your product is outstanding.. I tweaked the engine to the same torque settings vs speed as the actual aircraft and I fixed the ADF dilema by creating an NDB station directly over the VORTAC thus making an artificial TACAN station. But my issue now is that in a standard rate turn (120 KIAS 24 degrees AOB) the turn needle is deflecting way to the right ... Is there anyway to correct this to have the needle deflect directly on to the R in a standard rate turn. How do I edit those instrument values?

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I've noticed you have not replied to either of my post.... I can potentially get you more business if you can help me iron out some of these deficiences. I fly the actual aircraft about 3 times a week and if we can fix these simple problems I can recommend this program to my peers as a viable instrument trainer, because every thing else is on the money in your design.

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