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I need help

GPS Approach with Cessna Skyhawk

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Hello all,

I am new to the simulator. I have managed to land my plane with ILS, however my autopilot looks different to the ones I have seen in the tutorials. So the way I land with ILS (hope it is correct):

  • set a rough course in the direction
  • have the right ILS frequency tuned into NAV1
  • have the NAV switch to NAV
  • press APR
  • press ALT twice to get "ALT GS", this part is nowhere in any tutorial, but the way they do doesn't work for me
  • then it intercepts the glide slope and follows it down
  • Most of the times the lateral tracking is very bad, not following the course very well

Now to the GPS: I have noticed a difference from tutorials and my autopilot. To have the autopilot follow the GPS (flightplan), I have to set the NAV switch to GPS and press the NAV button on the autopilot TWICE?! That way GPS lights up in the autopilot. That works and the plane follows the flight plan. However as soon as I try to fly an GPS approach it doesnt't work. So that is what I do:

  • set NAV/GPS switch to GPS
  • make my flight plan to an airpot
  • follow flight plan, pressed NAV button twice
  • Press PROC
  • select GPS approach
  • LOAD it, because when I activate it the plane won't follow the GPS at all
  • Then I activate the approach and follow it

When the runway is directly in front of me, I want to press the APR button, but the plane doesn't follow the GPS approach. I can see the approach in the VOR/ILS approach but the autopilot doesn't follow it. It follows the heading bug roughly (it turns in the direction but doesnt't fly in the exact direction)

What's the problem, please help

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So new update: I played around a bit and this is now where I am:

  • I have my approach
  • I set my heading bug to the heading of the runway
  • Then I activate the approach button, therefore I can intercept the glide slope

I am wondering why I have to set my heading to the heading of the runway. When I change it during the approach, I won't fly on the runway. Can someone please explain this behaviour??? I really don't get it.

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