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I know a lot of simmers use Simbrief or PFPX butI don't. I do my route preparation on my own website for free. I like to do it this way. I did update today the OFP generated for the Boeing 737 (both classic and NG). I have kept at the moment the legacy OFP for classics and NG, but added the Boeing B737_CL_and_NG OFP.

When you export in PDF or print the OFP selection from Open Office Calc, you have the result attached below (ofp.pdf).

If you wish, you can download the ofp.ots (Open Document Template, made with Open Office) below, or generate it dynamically using my web site YART  ¡ Yet Another Route Tool !© in Advanced mode.

The principle is to follow the worklow suggested in the first tab of the spreedsheat and then export the OFP located in the last tab of the Calc document. Click on the signature standing on the OFP to add the handwritten notes to the OFP.

Best regards.






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