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Seeking 3D Modeler

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Hello, all! I'm not entirely sure if this is the right topic since this is normally used for development of specific aircraft, but I figured it's the best one to use. We at High Alpha Development Group (HADG) are looking for a 3D modeler. We have a number of projects, and our progress is being halted by the lack of a 3D modeler. We need someone who can create a 3D model, animate it, UV map it, and make it work with given datarefs (I am able to find datarefs, but the 3D modeler should be able to implement them). Ideally they would also be able to texture, but that is not a requirement. Right now we are only working on freeware, but we do plan to make payware when we feel our quality is high enough to justify it. Our focus is on GA aircraft and small/classic airliners, but feel free to take a look at our website to get an even better idea of what we work on.  Please shoot me a PM if you would be interested in joining our team! 


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