How to paint on a transparent texture? (NML file)

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I've paint 10 iconic belgian liveries that are well engraved in the collective memory of most belgian aviation fanatics.

They all share the same customized vstab leading edge, photographic references show me those planes had not the same leading edge as the one we get with the IXEG by default.1b.JPG



I do not know how to get my leading edge (which I have in object/layer format) applied in the fuselage_NML file. When I convert the fuselage_NML.png to TGA format, I loose the transparrency but I get a tga file with a RGB layer that is green with the elements that need to look shiny being blue/purple AND an "alpha" channel that shows more or less a blank 737 fuselage.

If this TGA file is converted back to PNG, my 737 looks like a plastic model (wheels for instance get a completely plastic/shiny look).

If I open the original PNG file with Photoshop, I see only 1 layer and that is transparrent. Everything you painting with the brush on this layer is non-transparent.

I have been doing repaints for more then 20 years, but I'm not so a quick learner with these new techniques...
Any help is much appreciated.

Vital Vanbeginne


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Not sure I understand what you are trying to do, but to change something on the _NML, first cut away the area you want to change.  Then create a new layer on the exact same area and set the opacity to something less than 100% (you will need to experiment).  Also make sure the R and G channels are at 127 and the B either 0 or 255. Then merge the layers.

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Thank you Morten, that info helped me in the good direction.... Í'm now experimenting with the value's (intensity)


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