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Hello Everyone,

I finally got around to finishing this after it sat on my desktop for several months. This Paint is for Michael Chang's 767-200 with GE ( CF6-80C) engines as used by the real counterpart "N245AY"

I used the basic white paint as a background template, everything else is my work.

No part of this paint is to be cut or pasted onto another work without my explicit permission.

This is meant to be as faithful to the real deal as possible :)


as always any type of feedback/criticism/comment is welcome :)

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Must say first , everywell done paintjob!!!

Some remarks:

Red stripe and registration missing on blue front-wheel hatches.
USA flag should be mirrored on the right side of the fuselage.

On most airplanes the flag is always waving in the flightwind like it was on a pole.


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Thanks for the comment, i'll look into the issues and upload a fixed version in the near future!


Cheers, Xboy9


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Ben how do you do your paints so well! it looks so good you should make like a tutorial mine look amature.


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