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Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark 1.0

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About This File

Stark's Twin Oaks Airpark is a truly beautiful little GA airfield approximately 17 nm SW of KPDX Portland International Airport. Owned and operated by the Stark family since 1972, this little airport is a real treasure and success story for American General Aviation.

I have sought to make this scenery package as authentic as possible and to do so have utilized several scenery libraries in addition to OpensceneryX. I do not do this to alienate users, but to introduce some much needed variety to the scenery. For the buildings and various other objects I have made extensive use of Jacques Brault's newly released scenery objects. They are gorgeously well done and bring a much needed change to the scenery. Thank you immensely to Jacques Brault for this amazing gift to the community! wub.png

You WILL NEED the following scenery libraries for this scenery package:

- OpensceneryX I have made extensive use of OpensceneryX forests in this scenery package. The trade off is no winter textures with these custom forests. Fortunately it doesn't snow very often in Western Oregon!

- FF Library You'll find a lot of nice looking vertical grass textures at this airport but you MUST have this scenery library to see them!

- RuScenery I needed a building object that was only available through this free and outstanding scenery library.

You will experience some FPS hits with the vertical grass. I was not suffering too badly however with a middle of the road iMac, high rendering settings in version 9.70, high quality payware GA aircraft, and FlyingJackal's outstanding enhanced asphalt textures.

Special thanks to the following folks: Scenery Jedi Master Brian Godwin, my scenery tutor and the person responsible for starting this new addiction in my life! I am but his humble padawan learner. BambooCougar for his wealth of knowledge, willingness to help, and encouragement. FranknFly for his excellent FFLibrary. Jacques Brault for his gorgeous scenery objects. Thank you, Jacques, for this awesome gift. This scenery would not look nearly as good without your fantastic looking buildings! And, finally, thank you to all of the contributors to the OpensceneryX library. Your hard work and dedication to the XPlane community should never go unnoticed.

I can't forget to thank redpiper as well for the truly excellent request!

Happy Valentine's Day! I hope you love Stark's Twin Oaks as much as I do!

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