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S-01 98+22 AVT 1.0

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BK117 livery S-01 98+22 AVT - EXCLUSIVE TO X-PILOT.COM

Repaint for Nils Danielsson's excellent payware MBB BK-117.

Simply unzip the file "S-01 98+22 AVT" into your xplane/aircraft/helicopters/bk117/liveries folder.

This is the livery of S-01, the pre-production prototype of the BK117, and the final one of the three prototypes made, the first being a static testing model, the second being P-2, and the third being this one.

On 6th March 1981, S-01 had its first Flight of 50 minutes in Ottobrunn / Munich. MBB Chief test pilot Siegfried Hoffmann and flight test engineer Walter Sinn undertook the first trials in hover flight and made six further flights the same day.

From the 18th-21st February 1982 S-01 was presented to potential customers at the the Helicopter Association International. Hoffmann demonstrated it to 48 pilots and over 200 passengers.

In 1995 S-01 was loaned to the German military for evaluation under the registration 98+22, as shown here, where it was used as the testbed aircraft to test a Forward Looking Infra Red (FLIR) system for the Eurocopter Tiger.

Since 2009 S-01 has been painted in the colours of DRF and now resides on the roof of the DRF headquarters near Stuttgart airport.



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