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  1. Hello all, I know this topic has been issued earlier, but I want to start a new one because I'm experiencing it right now. When I start the Saab, I get no audio, all the doors are open, and the propellor has a strange look when it spins. I did contact support, just a few minutes ago, but wasn't able to attach the logs, so I try to throw the bone in here as well. I attached the screenies, and added the gizmo & x-plane logs... Please keep in mind that all my joysticks are unplugged (my Track-IR isn't) Please help me to get this baby flying in all the glory she deserves! Thank you very much! GizmoLog.txt Log.txt
  2. I just bought the Saab 340 a few days ago and I am having some serious issues with it cashing X-Plane. It seems that the Gizmo console window pops up and then my sim crashes. This can be while I am on the ground, during a flight or when trying to land. There is no specific time period when it all crashes. All of my other aircraft work fine with the exception of the Saab 340. I fly on FSE alot and it is really frustrating trying to complete jobs when my sim crashes and I have to start over again. Attached is my log file from X-Plane and Gizmo64. Let me know what else is needed. I am running the latest version of the 340, X-Plane and Gizmo. Log.txt GizmoLog.txt
  3. I want to use some buttons from the default X-Plane userinterface png file via texUI = gfx.getTexture_UI() But how can I use a single button instead of the whole file?
  4. I am writing a weight and balance calculator. I use textboxes to enter values which are used in the calculation. But is it possible to test for the <SHIFT>,<CTRL>,<TAB> etc. keypresses, so that I can uses this to set the focus to a next or previous textbox or widget. Clicking each field with the mouse is somewhat annoying.
  5. I am experimenting with OOP programming in LUA. I have made a class (soundClass). Based on this class several sound objects are made, e.g. Wind. I want to have an automatic method for assigning and releasing sound sources. This way it is possible to keep the used sound sources to a minimum. Only the playing sources are attached to a sound source, after stopping the sound it is released from the source and it can be assigned to a new sound that must start playing. For releasing the sounds there are two situation I have to deal with: 1. My application decides it is time to stop 2. The sound is stopped because the end of the soundfile is reached The first situation is an easy, because in this case a field of the object is changed and it is very easy to create an event-procedure for it. For the second I don't know how to determine the event, because no field of the object is changed after the soundfile has come to an end (OpenAL have an extra challenge because it has no events itself), I have to check the source state myself (if al.GetSource(source_id,al.SOURCE_STATE) == al.STOPPED do release_sound end). The source_id is stored in the field source of the soundobject, e.g. Wind.source. Is it possible to have the created objects checking each frame if the sound is stopped? Of course it is possible to check it in the OnUpdate() function of my main program myself, but this is a more stupid approach. I want to realize this in the "class", so I have to write it once and don't need to worry about it ever. My second problem with this solution is that I have to write a method call for each sound object I created.
  6. A short question for a short programming advice. Due to the event model of the SDK it is very difficult to use very few (or none) global variables. Because many variables are used in more then one function, or because of efficiency reasons I do some preparation in the OnBoot() function and later on in the OnUpdate() I manipulate the loop of X-Plane with the same variables. I have learned (myself) to prevent global variables as much as possible. In the documentation of LUA I read that local variables are faster dan global variables. So I am considering to assign the global variables first to local variables and then use it in the different functions. What is the good programming strategy in Gizmo? ... or do i have to accept global variables as part of the game. Is assigning globals to locals more efficient thant using globals directly?
  7. I have been experimenting with the function sound.position(sound_source_id, x, y, z). After many tests it looks lik only the y value changes the volume of the sound. I have als tried it with calling the openal function: al.Source(sound_source_id,al.POSITION,x,y,z)But using this function gives the same (wrong) result as the Gizmo function. What is going wrong here? I have test the audio-file in the OpenAL SDK and in that case changing x and y gives a desired effect. A second question: The x, y and z are related to world coördinates. But how long is a coördinate? (in meters?)
  8. In the attached file you find a pdf document explaining the OpenAL implementation in Gizmo. This is the 'side effect' of many hours of searching to find the solution of setting the sound position with Gizmo. I hope this can help someone using Gizmo for programming the sound part of the plugin. If you find any typo's, mistakes, please let me know. Implementation of the OpenAl API in Gizmo.pdf
  9. I am learning more and more about Gizmo. I have been experimenting with a sound file. In the past I bought a sound package of Synchrosoft for FSX and I am trying to convert this to X-Plane. But there is a difference in the sounds via Gizmo/X-Plane and FSX. The FSX-sounds have a higher volume than X-Plane, but the volume differences differs at the different gain values. This causes an other sound character in X-Plane (the lower sounds are more pronounced than in X-Plane). Is there somebody wo experienced the same difference? Is there an easy method to compensate this differences? For FSX there is FS sound studio which I used to understand the settings of the FSX soundfiles. Is there a similar program/plugin for X-Plane?
  10. Some (more) questions about OpenAL and Gizmo: In the Gizmo folder there is an OpenAL32.dll. Why is the OpenAL32.dll of X-Plane not used? It looks like OpenAl32.dll of X-Plane is more recent. It looks like the functions sound.getcontrol() and sound.releasecontrol() are not needed anymore. Is this true? What is the difference between sound.load() and sound.loadEx() It looks like that not only the Gizmo sound functions are limited, but the OpenAL API in Gizmo is very limited too: It looks like that only the Listener and Source functions of OpenAL are implemented in the OpenAL API. The functions of Buffers, Errors, Context are not implemented. Also some functions of Source are not implemented: GenSources, DeleteSources, IsSource). What LUA binding is used for the OpenAL API?
  11. Is there a function in Gizmo to test if a sound is already playing?
  12. I want to check the value of some variables on screen. For putting strings on screen I use the OnDraw.Windows() function. The variables I want to check are (for example) declared in the function OnUpdate(). For global variables it works perfect, but local variables are out of scope within other functions. I can get around this to make the local variables global (I dislike this because some names are used in more functions, for example the infamous 'i'). The other solution is to assign the local value to a newly created global value. For me this is the less worst solution, but after debugging I have to go through my code and delete (or out-comment) all the debug variables. I hope there is a better solution?
  13. In the Gizmo API is explained that you must use sound.bind() before using sound.play. But why is the function sound.bind not documented in the list "API"? see: http://www.gizmo64.com/Gizmo64_API.htm#sound.load
  14. I want to create a dataref in Gizmo. In the Gizmo API two methods are explained. Because I want to use the dataref for an algorytm I used the second method: dr_TAS = dref.getDataref("sim/flightmodel/position/true_airspeed")dr_Sigma = dref.getDataref("sim/weather/sigma")dr_EAS_C = dref.newFloat("my/custom/dataref", "my_custom_dataref_eas")function OnUpdate() EAS = dref.getFloat(dr_EAS_C) -- This one works: EAS = my_custom_dataref_eas_OnRead() -- but this give no benefit in creating a dataref.endfunction my_custom_dataref_eas_OnRead() -- calculating the Equivalent airspeed -- needed because IAS in X-Plane is writable (and windsounds do not depend on vibrating gauges) -- see formula on http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equivalent_airspeed local EAS = dref.getFloat(dr_TAS) * math.sqrt(dref.getFloat(dr_Sigma)) return EASendSee function OnUpdate(). What am I doing wrong here.
  15. I am reading the X-Plane SDK to understand the workings of GIZMO. I have made a table with the drawing phases of the X-Plane SDK and the drawing events of Gizmo. After combining that info I got some questions: Why is the event OnDrawBeforeLastScene categorized as a 2D event in the Gizmo API, while the corresponding xplm_Phase is a 3D drawing phase according to the X-Plane SDK At which phases do the 'Before' events occur? According to the name I classified them as the first event in the xplm_Phase with the corresponding name. The description in the Gizmo API at OnDraw_BeforeGauges seems to say that the event is the last event of the former phase. I am not sure about classifying the OnDraw_Gauges_3D and OnDraw_BeforeGauges_3D events? Are they part of the xplm_Phase_Panel? Are there no corresponding events for xplm_Phase_LocalMap3D?Gizmo API: http://www.gizmo64.com/Gizmo64_API.htm#OnDraw_BeforeFirstCockpit X-Plane SDK: http://www.xsquawkbox.net/xpsdk/mediawiki/XPLMDisplay Drawing events in Gizmo.pdf
  16. There are some items* mentioned in the Quick Start guide, e.g., Bleed Valve reset, that might be nice to have on the Gizmo checklist. Otherwise I'm looking at the Gizmo and one I wrote out. Be lovely to have everything in one place. Just saying... BTW, had my first couple of full flights (VOR nav and ILS approaches) where everything went textbook. I love this aircraft. And, oh, the sounds—the best on any plane I've flown in X-Plane. Looking forward to the better radio tuning UI and having the Garmin (able to do real SIDs and STARs) Brad *Bleed value reset, Main Inv to "on", Standby Pitot on, RMI set
  17. Hallo Together I'd like to start this topic for all those, who have question about OpenGL programming like I have I try to make a EFIS completely independed of the panelmaker. My actual problem is, I like to rotate a texture. Therefore I use "gl.rotate(angle, 0,0,1)" to rotate around the z-axis. It is rotating around z but allways on the left bottom corner of the texture. I thought when I translate the texture with it's center to the [0,0,0] it will rotate around this coordinate, but it's allways rotating around the bottom left corner of the texture. I tried some things I found in the net about this topic like gl.MatrixMode('TEXTURE') and gl.MatrixMode('MODELVIEW'), but with this XP is getting a little bit crazy! How it is working to rotate around the texture center? Thanks in advance Cheers Daniel
  18. Hallo I like to mask all EFIS components black. Therefore I tried some code I found on Ben's examples, but I don't get it to work. I try to understand this gl and gfx stuff but it's harder than I thought it is PFD and ND on the Screenshot should become black. function OnDraw_Gauges() OnDraw_Gauges_3D()endfunction OnDraw_Gauges_3D() makeDispDark()endfunction makeDispDark() gfx.setState( 0, --fog 0, --tex units 0, --lighting 1, --alpha test 1, --alpha blend 0, --depth test 0 --depth write ); gfx.setColor(0,0,0,1) gfx.drawQuad( 0, 0, 2048, 2048 )endI'm grateful for any hint! Cheers Daniel
  19. I have owned this FINE aircraft for about a year now. I never had problems with re-installs before (different motherboard or replaced hardware). Went to install today after new motherboard replacement and I get the following error: This is very foreign to me and I honestly have no clue where or how to solve this problem? Any help is GREATLY appreciated . . . . Thanks!
  20. The X-Aviation watermark won't go away on any of my x-aviation aircraft. In the CRJ the panels are also dark. I'm not given the option to re-register them either. I was thinking it may be a possible Gizmo issue? Everytime I tell Gizmo to update it gives me this error "Repository error. Try again later: [string "..."]:2:unexpected symbol near '<' " Not sure if this has anything to do with my issues. Anyone come across this and found a fix or have a suggestion? Thanks
  21. I purchased the CRJ 200 at on or about September 6, so am pretty sure it's the latest - that there have been no mods since I purchased it. Had the pitch oscillation problem severely enroute TJSJ - TNCM - about 30 minutes into the flight, at level flight at 15,000 ft. I read that the install package included a new .acf file and that would eliminate the problem. I backed up the old .acf file and inserted the new one from user modifications. The next time I booted up the CRJ 200 I got a message titled "Activation" and text saying "Unknown Product This product cannot be activated" Philipp suggested it might be the Gizmo plug in and sure enough, when I removed it from my X-Plane 10 folder the plane booted up fine. I have no Gizmo conflicts with any of my other aircraft. Any thoughts or suggestions? Paul iMac 27 with Fusion Drive 16RAM and 2VRAM Xavion on iPad3
  22. I consistently get a crash to desktop when trying to run 64-bit X-Plane on my Win 7 machine. The log file indicates the Gizmo plugin is responsible. I don't know what version of plugin I'm running. Where can I update to the latest?
  23. Hello All, I am new to this forum but a long-time X-Plane user. I have a problem that (after an extensive search) I have not found addressed on the forum so far. And if I'm in the wrong area please point me to the correct one. My problem (while using a Mac Pro, 6-Core Intel Xeon, 32 GB RAM, ATI HD 5870 1024 MB) with X-Plane 10.22+ 64 bit: For some of my X-Aviation aircraft (that function with GIZMO) some of the animations have ceased to function. For example; the Cessna Corvalis, the Douglas DC-3, and the Mitsubishi Mu-2B. - For the DC-3 the yoke is not animated (but the ailerons and elevator actually do move). - For the Corvalis the stick does not move (external surfaces do move). - For the MU2 (a long-time favorite) most of the cockpit animations do not function. The yoke doesn't move, nor does the throttle/condition levers. Many of the buttons and switches fail to operate. Externally I can see elevator and rudder movement but not the ailerons. The props are not animated. All of these planes had been functioning with no problem. I do believe that they were functioning subsequent to the latest update for the MU-2 (after the corrected installer for Mac). I am unaware of any event or other updates that may have effected this. However, in each case the log.txt complains about the same problem: "dlerror:dlopen(/Volumes/B Drive/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/64/mac.xpl, 6): Library not loaded: @executable_path/../Frameworks/libcurl.framework/Versions/A/libcurl Referenced from: /Volumes/B Drive/X-Plane 10/Resources/plugins/Gizmo64.plugin/64/mac.xpl Reason: image not found" (a complete log.txt file is attached) Also, in the cockpit I do not have GIZMO in the plugins menu and don't have the side menu for GIZMO that was there before. Also GIZMO no longer creates the GizmoLog.txt. Using the provided installer I have uninstalled and re-installed the latest MU-2 update. That was the latest aircraft to update. I contacted Cameron about this through the X-Aviation site. After a look at my log.txt file he recognized that "It looks like your frameworks library didn't install." He informed me that they had put out a re-built installer and that I should re-downloadand and re-install the MU-2. I believe that I had used that corrected installer, but I wanted to give it another try. Since my download link had expired I asked that he re-open the link so that I could ensure that, in fact, I had the latest/corrected update. That was a several days ago. Unfortunately, Cameron has not responded to that request (nor subsequent emails asking for further troubleshooting tips). Hmm.... I had also asked where the frameworks library was supposed to reside so that I could have a direct look. By the way, I have a second X-Plane installation on another hard drive. Both are acting the same with the X-Aviation/GIZMO aircraft (all other aircraft are functioning normally). So I'm stuck. Are there others with this problem, and is there a known solution? Troubleshooting suggestions? CW Log.txt
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