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  1. Ok then this is a battle on which plane is better and is it worth it? (I know that captain sim is for fsx but this is a battle on the plane it self)


    This will be judged on how good it is and so on and so forth.

    The requirements....


    1) price

    2) how goog the model is

    3) worth it?

    4) interior

    5) liveries

    6) exterior

    7) cokpit

    8) sounds

    9) customs (like menues, things that pop up, etc....)

    10) controls (realistic or fake)

    11) will it take any frame rate?

    12) FINALLY is it suitable for a 26HOUR FLIGHT?



    Whis is better Captain Sim or Ramzzess 777?



    Ramzzess 777 Worldliner and Captain Sim 777











  2. I know about computers so 64-bit means the the program goes faster and some old programs can't handle the main system running faster.


    SOME old programs can run in 64-bit but some can't, if it works then your in luck.

    For now stick to 32-bit or no bit, and remember this is a beta which means that some X-Plane files might be incomplete or might not look right.





  3. Ok can anybody give me a tutorial on the 767 from a pilots view.


    A tutorial from the first step to the last.


    1) startup (Help)

    2) taxi (I know this)

    3) take off (I know this)

    4) in flight procedures (Help)

    5) landing (kind of need help)





    If anybody can give me a tutorial in the one that say help then thanks. :D (This also means I need some help on the landing procedures).




  4. Ok I'm going to ask this once. How do I set the push back truck from the payware 787 in the org? How do I set it in X-Plane10.20b11 for the 787 and all the other planes that are add-on of comes with XP10.


    I saw the video on how to set it but that was XP10.05. Heres the video.


    So can anybody show me how to set it up in XP10.20b11?











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