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  1. I've only been able to test it a little bit. But so far, IT WORKS!! THANK YOU JAN YOU CRAZY OL' BASTARD!!! Now i can hopefully be able to try this product to it's full potential!! I can't thank you enough!! - Liam
  2. I Jan, I've just bought and installed a new internal hard drive. Im in the process of reinstalling Xplane, all sceneries and all addons right now. I will get back to you as soon as i've tested the IXEG on the new hard drive. Thank you for your response! - Liam
  3. Like many others, i have problems with the aircrafts FMC. When entering SIDS and STARS, cost index, crz alltitude etc. Xplane freezes for 5-20 seconds. I could live with but the biggest issue is when making a directs or even changes (only after take off) in the aircraft FMC because my framerate litterallly goes down to 0.125fps or less! I've read countless pages on this forum trying to fix the issue, many manages to fix the issue by either turning off windows defender or just make an exception. I have done that to both Windows defender and Malware Bytes. But it still doesn't work. I've t
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