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  1. Hey guys, remember me? reinstalled windows and got all my X-aviation products back. Thanks for nothing.
  2. I am by no means insisting on any sort of priority service here. But you can at lest have a system of keeping me in the loop. Take your time, but keep the customer informed of the goings on at least.
  3. There has been no reply on the ticket through official channels even after a week, no ticket number, just some acknowledgement that i had raised a complaint through some third party chat app. Hence I had to reach out for information, and pray tell how do I do that? Through your forum of course! There is no other way to reach you. What social media exposition, may I ask? I am just stating an issue, nothing else. There is no ticket section in the customer account area after signing in to check the status of the ticket. You yourself have said that the machine ids generated by my one comput
  4. Really? Being sarcastic, condescending and brash. Nice customer support. Bravo. Degrading paying customers by treating them like children is not the way to function. All you have replied so far is that machine id is locked and state that all is lost. No request for any diagnostic files, which for any software such as yours must be generating.
  5. Well sir, all this bickering is not helping my case as i am still locked out of the addons. As to why my machine is constantly forcing Your Drm checker to do what it is doing is beyond me. Do you require any logs generated by xplane? Please tell me as i am not a coder and only a layman in these terms. If you had only asked before I would have given you a history of my actions on the computer. 1. I have not reformatted the machine but am on windows insider program which has upgraded itself to version 2004 and now is at version 20H2. Both times i was asked by the activator to enter my cred
  6. Yes, that seems to be the case here. And that is your outlook in trusting your software. Software can malfunction at times. Also, please treat your customers with some courtesy. Don't be belligerent an have the "i am always correct" attitude. I am not a fool sitting here to waste my time and hard earned money. If you are not going to take any action on my ticket, please let me know so that i can initiate other actions from my side. Your not providing even a simple ticket reference number speaks volumes of your level of support. I reiterate, this is a single machine of which "gi
  7. Will I be able to use my legally bought software?
  8. That means gizmo has reading different ids from the same machine. X- aviation hasn't replied to my ticket yet. Is there a workable resolution?
  9. sorry about that but we are not all pirates here.
  10. I had switched to gizmo beta at that time. Please check the machine ID's. they will all be the same.
  11. X aviation licensing window pops up every time Xplane got updated and after the latest update, the window popped up every time xplane started. due to this i had to reauthorise the same machine again and again, freezing the oldest instance of that *same* machine. Now the machine ID is locked due to no fault of mine. I have submitted a ticket on this issue .
  12. I have run into the same problem. The activation box popped up every time i started xplane. I had no choice but to re authorise the same computer multiple times and FREEZE the oldest instance of that computer. Now my device ID is locked. I have submitted a ticket for this. I have multiple X aviation products which do not work now.
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