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  1. Hi, how do i properly execute a descent clearance, where I have to be at a specific level at a given waypoint along the router. Only by mental arithmetic, or is there any system which is able to support? Does the 737-300 do have Altitude Range Arcs on the EHSI (like the NG)? Or could I insert an altitude constraint on the FMC and use VNAV to execute a proper descent? Tnx for any tips. Xaver
  2. According to the QuckStartGuide Manual, the "Nose Up/Dn" scroll wheel should alter the altitude in increments of 10ft during ALT-HOLD mode. This does not work in my setup. Is it implemented? TNX Xaver
  3. Could this be achieved via X-Plane configuration? At least the pop-up windows size/position during the flight should be remembered somehow. At the moment, every time when I pop-up the PFD/MFD/Autopilot/whatever windows, the initial, programmed(?) position is taken. Depending somehow on the current chosen viewpoint. Perfect would be a permanent size/position configuration. Great Plane, BTW Thanks Xaver
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