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  1. On 5/17/2019 at 12:27 PM, Coop said:

    Yes :) We should have the fix ready soon, more information will come when it is fully tested. (next few days, hopefully)

    Great news - looking forward to it and happy to help testing it out, if it's of any use. I'm no computer guru, but reasonably experienced pilot with a few thousand hours on PT6's, and current as an airline pilot (flying A330).


    Cheers - Eivind 

  2. On 5/12/2019 at 10:11 AM, moespeeds said:

    I don't have librain installed, so could that be the issue? 

    Also I'm using pitool/steam vr. 

    I would lose the cursor on climb out, often in clouds. I also had no cursor for about 90 seconds when initially entering the aircraft. That has also resolved itself with rain off. 

    You don't need to run SteamVR in order to run X-plane from PiTool. I have the pimax 5k+ and run X-plane natively from PiTools - much better frame-rates and no hassle. Give it a try!

  3. 21 hours ago, Coop said:

    We are still working on this issue - there is a bit more debug information, so log.txt and screenshots from 1.0.1 are very much appreciated in finding the root cause.

    No probs, I’ll send a log file and some screenshots tomorrow.


  4. On 3/28/2019 at 7:59 PM, rough_edges said:

    I'll also check this out over the next day or so. Thanks for the heads up.

    Any update on this issue? Also curious if this is a problem for everyone in VR, regardless of whether you use Oculus, Vive or PiTools? And also FYI - there was no change in version 1.01.

    Thanks and look forward to any news in cracking this - the Pocket Rocket is too much fun to have it sitting idle!



  5. 5 hours ago, Coop said:

    Weird, can you screenshot what you are seeing? That doesn't seem to happen in non-VR variants, so that is quite odd.

    I could certainly take some screenshots for you, even though I'm on a trip at the moment and won't be back until the weekend. My screenshots would be VERY similar to what is already documented on this thread though - deep greens and intense red in a gradually shifting palate. And the colours are VERY similar to the ones used in the buttons and logo in the "Settings and Load Manager" of the Pocket Rocket, accessed through the sidebar. This may well be a red herring, but by looking and what's different and unique about the Pocket Rocket vs other aircraft, the "Settings and Load Manager" is an area of "suspicion;-)

    In the meantime we'll keep on enjoying the awesome performance of this little bird - never fails to put a smile on my face!!!


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  6. Had a little play with the Pocket Rocket OUTSIDE VR, and discovered your nifty little “side-bar” where you have access to aircraft settings. This is of course not visible or accessible in VR and hence I hadn’t seen it before (very rarely do ANYTHING outside VR these days). I discovered that there are some VERY intense colours used in the switch positions - deep green and intense red, and they are indeed the very same colours that corrupts the X-plane menu-system when operating the Pocket Rocket in VR, making access to the menus near impossible. If you manage to navigate out of the Pocket Rocket while remaining in VR and select any other aircraft, everything returns to normal. Is it possible that the there’s a “memory-leak” in the way you have coded the “side-bar” that causes the issue at hand?


    Cheers - Eivind

  7. I'm having exactly the same issue as described by the OP. Getting the crazy coloration in all VR-menu's and any text is unreadable. The VR- mouse is also very slow to appear after selection and sometimes doesn't appear at all.


    Cheers - Eivind

  8. My VR-mouse is unseable after this update. It appears to be floating only 2 inches from my eyeballs, and no selections are possible. This is the only aircraft where I’ve seen this, and it only happened after the update to 1.1.7

    As i have recently upgraded to the Pimax from a Rift, and hence have no VR hand-controllers, I’m kinda stuck for the time being.



  9. 7 minutes ago, Goofy said:

    It is indeed very simple, only X-Plane is required for this setting :)

    For the reverse mode of the engine, I used button number 4 ("Right throttle knob press") in the X-Plane interface for the HOTAS Warthog Throttle:
    => Right throttle knob press = Toggle thrust reversers

    Apologies Goofy, I've edited my original response for clarification. Your method was the easy one - the OP's would require Thrustmaster Target programming (I think). Thanks a lot - your method works great!

  10. 2 hours ago, Goofy said:


    I also use a HOTAS Warthog set.
    To manage the four states of the throttle control (Cut-off, Lo Idle, Hi Idle and Flight Idle), I use the red switch on the right side of the HOTAS Warthog Throttle (this switch has three positions: forward, neutral and backward. Neutral is the default position and after pressing this switch backward or forward, it automatically returns to the neutral position)

    Setting is as this:
    - push forward = "rich a bit mixture"
    - pull backward = "mixture lean a bit"

    Each time the red switch is pressed, I move the throttle between the four positions, in both directions.



    Thanks Goofy - I'll give your method a go. I think using one of the axis to achieve the OP's outcome would require using the Thrustmaster Target interface, and - as I'm a bear of very little brain - would rather try to avoid complicating matters unnecessarily.

  11. Great little video! What axis are you binding to throttle detents (Feather, from Cut-off into Lo Idle into Hi Idle and then Into Flight Idle?) I've tried pretty much all available axis in x-plane 11 to no avail. Thanks!

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