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  1. I've got this too, but when I look at the electrical network in the study area, I can see that the breaker is "closed" so it might just be a modelling error (CB1-D11) Clicking on it doesn't change the breaker state either (It's always closed)
  2. For me, the below listed engine temps are still hot (+200C) after 12+ hours also (as well as the oil still being hot). HP Turbine Inlet LP Turbine Inlet Core Nozzle Inlet Core Nozzle Exit
  3. I might be being really dumb, but when I do that, I get a takeoff reference, and an approach reference page, and I cant see a time of ToD on either of those.
  4. Ahh, just wanted to double-check. I'm afraid i'm out of ideas, I'd have expected something to be in the CL650 menu -> Ground Services, but I can't see anything about replenishing fire bottles. As a side note, documentation can be found here, (but there's nothing about replenishing fire bottles) We'll have to wait for someone with more expertise to help out on how to replenish fire bottles
  5. Hey Gábor, Where did you find it? (I'm having trouble finding it too )
  6. Hey Stevens, If you go to the failures menu (following Oisin's advice above), then go to the following tab Systems -> 26-FireProt Are their any systems showing as failed there?
  7. Hi Chroode, Here's the buttons
  8. Hey N1k, There's no defuelling capability, Toto felt it wasn't worth implementing, as it's extremely rare that you can defuel an aircraft. No one would be willing to accept the fuel from your tanks due to the potential of contamination. If you've put too much fuel in your aircraft, and can't take-off (short runway for example), then you're just gonna have to sit on the tarmac and burn it.
  9. Hey Kari, To get winds into the CDU, go to Index (IDX), Route Menu, LSK 6 R Then FPLN Wind Update LSK L4 This will bring a mostly empty page, this is fine, anod nothing to worry about, click "SEND" LSK 5 R and the winds will start to be requested and downloaded. This may take a while depending on how many waypoints you've got, and how good your VHF Datalink signal is, when it's done, you'll just need to "Exec" the new wind data.
  10. Hi Nvir, Take a look at page 9 of the FMC Primer "Loading a route via datalink"
  11. Hey Kari, If you open up one of the CDUs, then click on the "DSPL MENU" softkeys above the letter and number softkeys, then in the bottom right "SIDE L/R" select which MFD you want to manipulate, then on the bottom left "WINDOW OFF/ON/VNAV" you can toggle through these.
  12. Hey, What airport are you at, and what's the current weather?
  13. Hey, When you say "tried activating it for the TO roll", what did you do? (Advance the throttles forward, pushed a button, etc) As for being unable to use vnav speeds (I believe it's worded something like "Resume xxx kts speed", make sure you've got VNAV mode selected. In Graeme's pre-release stream, he framed it in the following way that helped me understand it better. In the Challenger, VNAV is just a modifier, it's not a vertical navigation mode on it's own. You'll want to use one of the modes such as FLC, VS, PATH Activating VNAV whilst any of those are
  14. Hey, If you're getting "Check APT OAT" somepoint towards the end of your flight, then that's prompting you to enter the airport OAT for temperature compensation, should you wish to use it. On the CDU, it's on the Index Page 2, on the LSK 5 R "Temp Comp". When you go into this, you can just turn it off, so it stops nagging you for that flight by clicking "Temp Comp On/Off" under LSK 4 R, or you can enter the airport OAT under LSK 2 R to get temperature compensated altitudes. Edit: Link to Totoritko talking about temperature compensation during one of the release strea
  15. No worries, I totally understand. Doing a manual install of the data has resolved the issue. And in-case anyone else stumbles across this post with the same issue, you'll be glad to hear it's a nice and easy drag and drop into X-Plane 11\Custom Data to manually update the airac.
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