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  1. Hi Mokny, which formats does this allow to import e.g. a saved plan from output/FMS plans? ( Just a prepurchase question). Regards Perry
  2. Thanks, it does work. Now let’s go and fly.
  3. Hi, I just bought it and went on my first flight. I started up with engines running and experienced reduced functionality on the PFD, meaning that I’m unable to click on any lower bottom soft keys. Did I miss something? Please help me out on this. Regards Perry I’m still running 11.30 and attached the log file. Log pr.txt
  4. I found out myself what was missing: 1. In the GTIN settings click connect GPS to VOR indicator 2. In the GTN 750 click on CDI to get the GPS mode 3. Now you should see LRN1 on the ND including the proper lateral guidance. 4. Engage AP NAV mode. It shows heading in green and LRN in white beneath it on the PFD, but follows the GPS nicely
  5. Hi Boxin, hi guys, New Saab user here: How did you get it to work? I can pop it up, enter a flightplan and set it on GPS. It then shows LRN on the ND display, but there is no deviation bar and I cannot let the ap follow the plan in NAV mode. Cheers
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