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  1. hm weird. Taxiing to the stand yesterday worked just fine :/ I departed now from the runway and that worked... well, 4 airframes and some million dollars lost
  2. I have countless hours on the TBM but never encountered the following. I've been wanting to depart LFMD now for the aprox 10th time, starting the engine by my own and the planes checklist. Everything works fine, I taxi 10m and the plane suddenly pitches up and in the same moment the engine is buring... I'm below 5 knots by taht stage, in taxi throttle mode and not doing anyhting fancy. Not sure what the problem is
  3. Unfortunately neither Chrome nor Edge will allow me to download it
  4. the approach is not connected to the STAR which is paticularly annoying in Europe, where the G1000 considers the transition part of the approach and not the STAR. It makes sense from a procedural point of view but overall it's problematic. For example look at LOWW. Arrive via VENEN (VENEN2W arrival), FL170 at MASUR and after NERDU transition
  5. Thanks for the great work! I will hopefully be able to try it tonight!
  6. "World tour" flies exclusively in Northamerica lol
  7. Since the new update I was finally able to fly again (thanks again!!!). Since then I flew 3 legs with one going to EDDM and one going to EDDH from LOWW. In both I gave myself a direct onto the final however the airplane started to fly direct to the airport. The directs were part of the approach procedure that I loaded in with the G1000 and AFAIK I didn't activate the app before. Long story short, instead of flying direct to the Fix, the NAV points direct to the destination.
  8. I'm so looking forward to this!
  9. I've so far only flown in Europe thus was never able to test the obstacle feature in the G1000. It is my understanding, that they only show in the US because they are free of charge. Today Austrocontrol, Austria's (ICAO LOxx / OE-) ANSP, released .kmz files for LOWW, LOWS and LOWG for free via this link: https://bit.ly/2Eto1w3 (sorry, I had to shorten it and it's only in German). It does say in the disclaimer that commercial usage is forbidden but what I'm wondering is, whether it's possible for the individual to add obstacles from a file like .kmz privately and thus not violate the term
  10. To use other methods shows awareness for the situation! If there is a long RNAV transition and you follow only your VNAV path, you'll end up flying +40nm more than if you gave ATC the possibility of shortening your route with a direct or vector
  11. actually I just reinstalled XP and on the first start, the TBM behaved normally. I closed XP again to retry and voila, I was back to 2-4 frames in the cockpit. Other aircraft worked perfectly fine so it can't be the scenery or a plugin (disregarding any possible direct connection: TBM - any plugin)
  12. Normally I combine both. I set myself a reference waypoint to which I would descend with VNAV and after that use FLCH mostly. I love to fly shortcuts so that is important to take into account, as it means that I have to be lower than if I would fly the whole transition from the STAR to the RWY. Example LOWS LOWW RTE: NEMAL NEMAL1W NEMAL1W has a FL170b restriction at BARUG and after that I would continue with a direct onto any of the transitions. If I get a vector, FLCH is a must. DCT FAF (or close) favours VNAV imo.
  13. happened to me as well but I feel like I now got a better feeling for it. I'm right now flying a B767 heavy on a 12h trip to FACT and it feels so different tomorrows landing in the TBM won't be nice
  14. With a speed of max 85 knots approach speed bouncing doesn’t last long
  15. jakobeng1303


    couldn't have been active because otherwise BOD and not TOD would have been shown
  16. jakobeng1303


    so I take it, any kind of TOD/BOD indicator is missing
  17. thanks! Will try the next time my sim crashes and I end up with a flooded engine
  18. Does anybody know the procedures for a hot start and a flooded engine?
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    As you can see form those pictures, I have an active VNAV path that is less than 5 minutes from being activated, yet I don't see any TOD indication. VNAV intercept worked fine
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