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  1. I am sorry but I am not quite certain how I should do that. I currently do not have access to my copy so I can‘t send you screenshots but as I said, the option is on the bottom right corner of the Direct page on the FMS, which if my memory serves me correctly, is right above the FMS IDX button. There you should have an inbound course that you can change
  2. Go DCT with intercept, the intercept course (inbound!) can be selected on the bottom right corner of the DCT FMS page.
  3. And maybe to add to this, if refuelling is complete you get another message whether you are happy but you don’t get the density again to calculate another l amount iirc. Would be really helpful to get it again
  4. While I do not know why it switches to LOC, the reason for climbing is that you are in pitch mode so it will maintain the last pitch. Maybe it's switching because it is detecting the same ILS frequency somewhere in the vicinity?
  5. that amkes a lot of sense, thank you. It thought that it was opt in only and would be entirely avoided if not selected
  6. I just noticed something odd, if Xpilot is looses Vatsim connection, the altitude changes drastically despite this not being ticked. This happens regardless of weather injecting addon (testes with XE, ASXP and NOAA) +- 800ft
  7. Because I pressed the disconnect by mistake and apparently was not able to activate them again
  8. I had to disocnnect YD1 and 2 and can't reconnect them. any ideas? I get a yellow YD on the PFD and MFD. ANd I can't engage the AP nor any mode on the MCP
  9. just had the same issue, thanks for reporting and providing the solution, saved my flight!
  10. hm weird. Taxiing to the stand yesterday worked just fine :/ I departed now from the runway and that worked... well, 4 airframes and some million dollars lost
  11. I have countless hours on the TBM but never encountered the following. I've been wanting to depart LFMD now for the aprox 10th time, starting the engine by my own and the planes checklist. Everything works fine, I taxi 10m and the plane suddenly pitches up and in the same moment the engine is buring... I'm below 5 knots by taht stage, in taxi throttle mode and not doing anyhting fancy. Not sure what the problem is
  12. Unfortunately neither Chrome nor Edge will allow me to download it
  13. the approach is not connected to the STAR which is paticularly annoying in Europe, where the G1000 considers the transition part of the approach and not the STAR. It makes sense from a procedural point of view but overall it's problematic. For example look at LOWW. Arrive via VENEN (VENEN2W arrival), FL170 at MASUR and after NERDU transition
  14. Thanks for the great work! I will hopefully be able to try it tonight!
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