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  1. Even if Ben Supnik asked not to switch to Big Sur immediately, I did. What can I say: I have had no more stuttering events since then with Gizmo64.
  2. The Metal scenario with the Laminar default B738 leads to exact the same stutter behavior as you know from my first 3 videos ... During one of the heaviest stutter events I switched in the plugin admin Gizmo64 a couple of times off and on. If Gizmo64 was off I had 60 fps without stutter. If Gizmo64 was on I had stutter with fps down to 12-20. Is it normal that - under Metal - the fps does not go beyond 60 fps (in the OpenGL scenario I had up to 80-90 fps)?
  3. Test with OpenGL and Laminar default B738: 3 stutter events. In two of them the plugin admin showed at Gizmo64 a fps consumption of 1-2 fps but just for 2 or 3 seconds.
  4. Cameron, there is no need for you to be so harsh on a loyal customer. The videos differ because - in addition to the initial situation - I also presented what happens if I implement Bens and your suggestions. I am looking here for help with my problem. Looks like I can not expect it from you ...
  5. @Ben Russell I installed a second version of XP 11.50 on my iMac with just X-Aviation add-ons. In this setting I have no stutter. What I noticed is that the plugin admin shows permanently that Gizmo64 costs between 14-33 fps. But the sim runs smoothly with fps between 40-60. Look at the short video: Stutter (part 4) ... The question for me is now: What stops Gizmo64 from running permanently on my normal XP installation? Does the stutter occur because Gizmo64 tries to start? Best regards, Gerson Nerger
  6. It was not a waste of time because pictures are stronger than words ... and English is not my native language.
  7. The removal of almost every plugin from my /resources/plugins folder did not improve my stuttering condition in XP 11.50 in connection with Gizmo64. The screenshot shows what are the left overs in my plugins folder ... Stutter (part 3) ...
  8. Can someone explain to me what Gizmo64 does inflight? My understanding of Gizmo64 so far is that it offers DRM for various add-ons. The processes required for this could - in my opinion - be carried out while loading these add-ons in the sim. But what must be carried out inflight which - in the worst case - as in my case, can massively reduce performance? Best regards, Gerson Nerger
  9. Two screenshots showing the normal and the abnormal state of Gizmo64 in the plugin admin of XP 11.50 (look at the flight loop section) ... Log.txt
  10. Do you have any other ideas how I can isolate the error? The fact is, if I deactivate the Gizmo64 plugin in XP11.50, the behavior shown in both videos does not happen, that Gizmo64 does anything that costs the simulator a lot of fps and then the entire simulator runs very badly.
  11. Unfortunately, it's not the most likely situation right now as I'm running XP 11.50 on a brand new iMac with Metal. Check out both videos: You will see exactly the same pattern in both videos. After about 25 minutes of real running time of XP 11.50 (about 20 minutes in the video because I didn't film the cockpit preparation) the stutterers set in, last 1-2 minutes and repeat about every 7 minutes. After exiting the Gizmo64 plugin, the Sim continues to run smoothly. Because it always runs in the same temporal manner, there must be something in the Gizmo64 program code that runs for the first ti
  12. The uninstallation of Skymaxx Pro did not improve the stutter ... Gizmo64 plugin causes fps stutter (part 2) ... Best regards, Gerson Nerger
  13. Sure. I'll do it tomorrow and let you know ...
  14. Thank you very much for you reply. Here is the requested information ...
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