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  1. wingflex done. Kudos again to Laminar...someone there snuck in a good implementation of it while I wasn't paying attention, saving me coding time. Moving on to wrapping up the cabin lighting and texturing and then final punchlist and QA checks. -tkyler
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  2. Show ´em the fire warning spill lights, show ´em the fire warning spill lights!
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  3. Version 1.0


    This is a livery for the MU2, version 2.0 by TOGA Simulations. This livery folder name has a integer prefix, which is not required, feel free to rename the folder; however, beginning with the MU2 version 2.2 (not released as of this posting), I (TOGA Simulations) will be implementing a system whereby you can associate a livery with a tail number using these integer prefixed folder names and an associated text file. When 2.2 is released, the MU2 docs on liveries will be updated to reflect this system. In this way, you can assign tail numbers that match liveries that will be utilized in X-Plane for ATC and online flying.
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  4. Hi folks, this is updated ACFs with added Pax and Payload stations for Mu-2 (2.1.0) and Load Manager script. No settings changed from original except Payload stations. Custom (original) Gyration is enabled. You can disable it in PlaneMaker to let X-Plane calculate moments of inertia depends on Pax\Payload. How to install: 1. !BACKUP! your XPlane12\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2 2. Copy xsMU2B60_XXX.acf form ZIP to XPlane12\Aircraft\X-Aviation\Mitsubishi MU-2 Marquise v2 3. Copy Mu-2_Load_manager.lua \XPlane12\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts 4. (Optional) Mu-2Assesories.lua \XPlane12\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts How to use: 1. Open window via: Plugins \ FlyWithLua \ MU-2 Marquise Load manager or Assign Keyboard\Joystick button via \FlyWit\Lua\Mu2LM control(see Manager_Open_Close_Key.JPG) 2. LOAD Fuel: Input required Fuel in Lbs., Press LOAD FUEL - Fuel will be loaded to aircraft respecting Tanks sequence. 3. LOAD PAX: 3.a. IF "Random Pax" UN-checked: input required number of passengers, Press LOAD PAX: Script will load requested number of PAX respecting seating sequence, with each Pax weight = 195 lbs. 3.b. IF "Random Pax" Checked (Default) and Pax total weight equal to 0: input required number of passengers, Press LOAD PAX: Script will load requested number of PAX respecting seating sequence, with random Pax weight for each Pax within range 70-275Lbs. 3.c. IF "Random Pax" Checked (Default) and Pax total weight inputted: input required number of passengers, input required total weight of passengers, Press LOAD PAX: Script will load requested number of PAX respecting seating sequence, with random Pax weights but Total weight equal to specified. 4. LOAD BAGGAGE: Input required BAGGAGE Weight in Lbs., Press LOAD BAGGAGE - BAGGAGE will be loaded to aircraft into BAGGAGE area. 5. Note Total Weight and MTOW, if exceeded it will change from MTOW OK (green) to MTOW EXCEEDED (red). Note: All input fields are limited to Numbers found in POH. Note 2: No Pilot Payload exist in this loadout due limitation of XP12 and assumption that aircraft is trimmed\adjusted\loaded to compensate pilot weight. Mu-2Assesories.lua This is Optional script required for additional Lights, headset and parking brake Controls. This script adding several control commands you can map to your hardware to utilize buttons or switches to manipulate Nav, Beacon, Strobe, Taxi and Landing Lights, plus Parking brake (in Hold-on, release-off mode) and Headset. How to install: Copy Mu-2Assesories.lua to XPlane12\Resources\plugins\FlyWithLua\Scripts . Look for new commands in "Mu2Misc"block of keybindings\controls. Mu-2-LoadManager-for-2.1.0_v1.zip
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  6. Hello Goofy, Right knob push button does not work in 3D cockpit, confirmed fixed for the next version :-) Cheers!
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  7. I wish someone made a PC-12 with deep systems and great visuals. I don't necessarily need the NGX with Honeywell's Primus Apex avionics; the older NG with EFIS, EHSI and GNS will do as well. Heck, I even found this cockpit, and we actually do have all the ingredients available: G500, GTNs...
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  8. Thx....but.......Jan didn't like it. "...that's not how I remember it" he said. (Thx Jan) sent me this... so here we are now....and still tweaking Jan's a tough one.
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