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    This will be considered more of a study-level simulation and will not have a poor G1000 implementation, unlike the competition you mention. You'll be quite pleased.
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    Pinging @Ben Russell on this one. Shows a Gizmo crash.
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    I included two logs after crashes: Log_afterinstall is the logs after starting X-Plane with the G5 instruments installed Log_afteruninstall is the logs after starting X-Plane after uninstalling the G5 instruments. Log_afterinstall.txt Log_afteruninstall.txt
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    Just did my first flight, after sorting out some initial issues. Took off from KFWN(Sussex,NJ), feeling the aircraft out, Did an Rnav approach back to Kfwn rwy 3... Good graphics and sound. Still need to sort out the beta, reversing, using the trottle lever on my ch yoke. Regards, Bill
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    Nice work! Can't wait for release day.
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    Coop, thanks for the followup, Bill
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