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    Hello, Pilots!, This is a quick note to say that as of today we have surpassed 10,000 registered members here at X-Pilot, and we sincerely appreciate everyone's participation in this community to make it as fun and welcoming as it is! We have watched our viewership and registration counts sharply increase over the last several months and we think this is a sign of great times ahead for X-Plane and all those in the community. Thanks to all of you who keep this place going. We certainly appreciate it!
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    I know there are already several maps and websites showing and rating scenery. Most of them, however, try to show each and every available scenery. Basically for my own use (to remember what I have installed and where I can fly to), in January 2013 I started to create my own map, where I only include free- and payware which I actually use and keep on my HDD. Maybe this is also of use for others, so here's the link: https://mapsengine.google.com/map/viewer?mid=zKdUoyDRH6j0.k7Q3rMFgZpe4 (Old version, will not be updated anymore as of Nov 23rd 2013: http://goo.gl/maps/ndsBp ) Ratings are simple: - Yellow: Okay - Blue: Good - Green: Very good You will notice that only a few airports have a "very good" rating, most of them have only a "okay" rating. The rating is VERY subjective, though, and payware is rated more critical than freeware, for example:
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    Yes, we have realistic spring constants and dampers. M
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    Hello, another animation related question! One of the things that always vexed me in sims is that planes land or move (on the ground) like pieces of lumber, something that’s really annoying, and to my eyes, hurts the illusion of experiencing something real. So on that basis, will the IXEG 737 feature realistic suspension?
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    Emergency Water Landing near fictional "my hut" scenery (NZMH) in New Zealand.
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    Screenshots look very good! Will test it soon. Edit: Really well done. Only 2 little things: - Why is the registration number on the one side of the tail of one of the static planes mirrored? - The red bushes and the trees don't look SOOO convincing. Maybe these could be replaced with better models? Trees in KCGX were better, for example.
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    You don't. Yet. t's not quite ready for primetime. We all need the next version of WED, which will have the facilities needed to create the export package for inclusion in the main database. We also need for Laminar Research and Robin Peel to finalize their process for accepting these submissions, which may still be in process as well. They included Atlanta in the 10.21 beta as a bit of a test. As far as creating airports are concerned, just make sure your airports contain NO 3rd party library objects (like OpenSceneryX items), and they're good to go. All objects and facades must be native to X-Plane only to be included. -Greg
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    Don't worry i made that for fun and to see how fast i could model an entire aircraft (previous record was 6 hours for the f-15) i have no itentions of puttng it into x-plane
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    Today I flew my (new) usual route...EPWA-UDYZ on a Boeing B767-300 of British Airways.
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    Overflying Auburn Municipal (KAUN) and the city of Auburn to the southwest. Folsom Lake is in the distance to the south.
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    Nothing like a G5000 Fusion cockpit to program
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    that's so frickin true.... I cant wait just like everyone else
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