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As a previous user of FSX and PMDG, i can totally say that X-plane is way better then FSX. What it was missing was a PMDG level aircraft.And this plane certainly fills that missing part.

Sure it still has a few bugs. But taken account what i have experienced so far, it is a well 75 dollars spent.

Watching the development stages since the last 2 years and the devotion i saw from the developers, it is magnificent. I will keep supporting  IXEG for what they are trying to achieve for the simulation community.

And I am pretty sure that they will eventually solve these little bugs, which are in fact small problems with FMC.

Since the last 1.02 update i only have issues with pressurisation problems at cruise altitude and when you switch to standby mode it is all cleared. (don't forget to push horn cut out though)


Thank you for this lovely aircraft.


I respect for all your efforts and dedication to make something more beautiful.


Keep up the lovely work.

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Despite Benjamins lack of interested in helping us solve the issues, we *think* we have solved it.

Should he change his mind and choose to help further he is free to start a new topic with a more constructive approach.


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