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X-Aviation Saab: ever on sale?

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Now that the Steam sale has started, I'll probably be buying XP10 in the next few minutes! Because of the sale I'll still have enough money to purchase my dream plane, the X-Aviation Saab 340. But I'm wondering, does it ever go on sale around this time of year? Or is it always priced at ~$50? I have no problem paying the full price but I'd hate to check back later to find that I missed out on some savings.

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$50?  Is that all???  

I helped make that plane and even I'm tempted to buy it at that price!



You could always just wait and see.

Haha. Of course, $50 is an excellent price for what looks like a magnificent aircraft, but as a college student I'm interested in saving money wherever I can  ;) The Saab is my favorite aircraft and I'm anxious to fly it. so now that I know a sale is rare I'll certainly be picking it up soon. Thanks for the replies. 

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on sale right now... $29 (Nov 28/2015). I'm downloading it now

Thanks, but I actually purchased it on Thursday as I was told on X-Aviaiton's site that it rarely goes on sale. I should have waited, but this plane is so amazing that I don't feel bad about paying full price for it. 

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