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SMP3 and FS Global Real Weather

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I see in the release notes that SMP 3 was made with the NOAA plugin in mind. Fly2pilots has released FW Global Real Weather for X-Plane (http://www.fly2pilots.com/Cms/Ui/Pages/Products/MainPage.aspx?id=253b8b5c-0a91-4935-8d01-b3c70aee6034), making it the first weather injector for X-Plane, and an enormous improvement over X-Plane's default weather engine and/or the NOAA plugin. SMP 3 doesn't seem to play too well with it. At times the entire sim will pause on a weather update while clouds are redrawn.


This is less a bug report and more of an informational post. Don't know if you guys know about FSGRW, or have tested against it.

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I have experienced the same behavior. Especially the change from broken to overcast cloud layers and vice versa is abrupt and annoying.

The pauses and stutters can be minimized by adjusting the rendering settings. Just give your hardware a bit space to breathe.

For me SMP works best with uniform weather. Whenever a certain dynamic enters the pattern, it shows its limits.

But looking back to version 1, the current release is a major step. I still have hope, that Laminar will finally work on the weather engine and rendering issues. Than of course, SMP will benefit from it as well.

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SkyMaxx Pro 3 was NOT made with any one weather injector in mind, so I'm not entirely clear where you got that from.


We are aware of FS Global Weather, but of course we're not responsible for how it decides when/where/how to load X-Plane weather. You'd need to take that up with them (even though I realize this is an informational post).

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I realize a weather engine is major endeavor.  But are there any thoughts about flipping the model so SMP generates the weather and injects current conditions into X-plane?  Historically, it seems like most real weather add-ons (FSX and XP) do a poor job at interpolating between METAR, causing abrupt cloud and wind transitions.  Above all, we want the weather depiction to be accurate at the departure and destination airports, with no abrupt changes there.  Seems like SMP controlling its own destiny would ultimately provide the best result.




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What's the best weather engine to use with SMP3 other than the default XPlane weather engine?



Being a Mac user I don't have as many choices as Windows users, but I usually choose NOAA weather; it has it's own drawbacks and some people may not like it, but there just isn't a good weather engine, for Macs, anyway.

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does it have those annoying redraws like the default x plane weather?


Unfortunately YES!

It would be perfect if it could create the whiole weather according to FSGRW injector. That one works really well (and when it "redraws the clouds is just updating the metar, but there are not abrupt changes like with NOAA plugin).

Using FSGRW with SMP doesnt give you any benefit (a part from having upper winds outside US) because if you are flying from an area of overcas to an area with no clouds, the clouds would just disappear.

Using the default clouds of xplane, and using FSGRW without SMP, instead, will create the whole weather so if you come from OVC to clear sky you will see the clear sky ahead of you while overflying the OVC area.

The best thing would be to be able to use the amazing features of both the plugins: the OVC benefits and beautiful clouds from SMP and the global weather injection from FSGRW (plus winds and hopefully soon, turbulences).

I really hope SMP or FSGRW will do something in order for them to work togethr (I mean, they dont create conflict but you can have either the global weather without redrawings each time the nearest metar reports a different cloud coverage, and the beautiful clouds and OVC stratus, but NOT both - not for the moment at least)...





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