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Cannot get Xplane over 19.99 fps


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Hi anyone!


I've just purchased Xplane10 after running P3d and FSX quite smooth on my computer. Xplane on the other hand preforms verry bad even with minimum settings. My specs are as follows:


ASUS INTEL® Core i7-4770 @3.4GHz


Geforce GTX 760 (3gb)

Windows 8.1


Could anyone give me hint please?







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It would help if you attached (not pasted) your log file from X-Plane's root directory so that we can see what is really going on.  The rendering settings screenshot is not enough.


EDIT:  Click on the "More Reply Options" at the bottom right (next to the "Post" button) to attach file(s).

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Hi 'rugsvea' !


X-Plane 10 is very demanding on Hardware. 

And you're trying to render pixels across 3 Monitors with a GTX 760 (I use a 760 for X-Plane 9 and am OK at 1680x1050, but for X-Plane 10 I used a 780 Ti and now a Titan X at 2560 x 1600).


Your Core i7 4770K is still a Good Chip - but your 760 may be your Limiting Factor (just not enough Oomph !)

To confirm this - DAta Output your Frame-rate and check CPU ve GPU Rendering time for a Single Frame of Video.


X-Plane 10.30 Release Notes

The “frame rate” data output now contains two fields: CPU and GPU.  These times show the time the CPU and GPU spent drawing one frame (on average) in milliseconds.  This means that not only can you tell whether your framerate is CPU or GPU limited (the larger number is the limiting factor), but you can tell the relative loading of the CPU and GPU, and you can measure improvements in CPU or GPU use even if they are not the dominant factor.


Driving X-Plane 10 (even at Min SettIngs) at 5760 x 1080 is gonna need a 970 / 980 /980 Ti / Titan X



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