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How to install X-Plane2Blender?

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Hi all,


I am running OSX.9 and just downloaded blender V2.74. I am keen to start modelling in blender, but I am hunting and hunting for a way to get my model into Blender.


The problem is getting the plugin to work, all tutorials so far say that all I need to do is run the command script in the download package. I do this, it says:



Failed !!!
Install the Blender application, eg by copying it from the disk image
to your Applications folder or Desktop, then run this installer again.


I have copied the blender.app into my applications folder. Am I wrong in assuming there's a folder directory I am missing?


It would be really great if someone could take me through the process, or point out to me if my software is too advanced for the latest existing plugin... Anything! I'm desperate!





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OK, I have figured out how to place the python script into the addon directory within the blender.app.. I get an export command showing up in blender now which is good. I however still don't have an import option, which I would really like to have!


Please, help!



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