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iGoDispatch for CRJ-200 (iPad)


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Some of you may have already used my application iGoDispatch. In late March, I will be releasing an iPad application iGoDispatch for CRJ-200. This application will have additional functionalities, some of which include, just to name a few:


Loading passengers, cargo, and fuel directly from the application using the TCP connection;

Tracking the flight on a map and monitoring the main flight parameters;

Ability to create a more precise flight plan using VORs, NDBs, Fixes (the application uses the default X-Plane navdata);

Monitoring your flight performance against 20 various criteria and generating flight performance reports;

Changing the Centre of Gravity dynamically during the flight based on the fuel weight.


I hope you are going to enjoy it!











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Hello, everyone. The application has been released. You may obtain it here:




The application manual can be seen here: 




Note that in order to connect the application to X-Plane, you need to install the iGoConnect plugin. IMPORTANT: Please note that OS X versions 10.7 or later are supported for the iGoConnect plugin. It should be compatible with both X-Plane 10 and 9. If you notice problems with X-Plane 9, please let me know.You can download it here:




You may report bugs and leave your comments either here or by email (within the application).


Have a safe flight!

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Do you have any plans to make the desktop version the same as the iPad version? For sale of course.


Hi, John. No, I do not have such plans at the moment.



Just a FYI the Youtube Video cant be watched in some countries because of the Music you used.  Germany for me here :/

Ah, that is good to know! Had no idea. Should I just mute it, I wonder...

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If you run OS X 10.9 (or earlier), you may have a problem with the iGoConnect plugin as it will not load. As a temporary solution, you may replace the mac.xpl file in the plugin directory with the attached file. If it solved your issue please let me know and I will compile a plugin update.


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Please note that I will be away from May 6 to May 18, and no technical support will be provided during this time. Upon my return, an update will be released that will include the following:

  • Added an option to enter fuel using textfields.
  • Optimization of code for textfield input validation.
  • Modified the UIPickerView interface. Added "Select" as the first row.
  • Added notification about the iGoConnect plugin in the Splash screen.
  • Added a warning before deleting the previous flight information.
  • Fixed a bug when fuel was erroneously calculated when the air distance exceeded the maximum range.
  • Fixed a bug when removing an airport from a textfield would not change distance and fuel calculation until going to the Distance tab.
  • Fixed a bug when changing Flight Level would not re-calculate fuel until going to Load Fuel tab.
  • An activity indicator is now displayed when the application is searching for a waypoint to avoid the situation when a user may think that the application is frozen and re-enter another waypoint during the search.
  • Some modifications to UI.
The update is ready, but I am reluctant to releasing it until I am back in case some code is broken, as there have been a lot of changes in the application code. I will also try to update the manual as soon as possible.



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iGoDispatch v2 has just been released. The changes include:

  • Added compatibility with iPhone
  • Updated airport database
  • Added an option to switch between tabs by swiping the screen (convenient when you use iPhone)
  • Bug fixes

I also thought that the application would benefit from some funny stuff added. So, I included inflight public announcements in several languages.




To read the application manuals, visit the site:



IMPORTANT: You need to download and install iGoConnect plugin version 1.4.6:




The older versions of the plugin will not work with the upgrade.



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  • 2 weeks later...

A new update has been submitted to Apple and will be released within a few days. Changes include:

  • Fixed Speech Rate in iOS9. Apple has changed the way it handles the speech rate (speed) in a new iOS. What sounds normal in iOS8 is very slow in iOS9. The rate varies now based on the iOS version.
  • Added Swedish to the languages of Public Announcements.
  • Fixed truncated labels.
  • Fixed flight time announcement. The "flight attendant" now announces time from Departure to Destination (as it should be) not including time to Alternate.
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The application will be updated to version 2.4 within the next couple of days. Changes include:

  • Improved flight performance report;
  • Fixed a bug with loading cargo; and
  • Added Brazilian Portuguese to inflight announcements.

Note that the new version requires an update to the iGoConnect plugin (v. 2.10.15) to be fully operational. You may download it here:

Please let me know if you have noticed any bugs.





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The iGoConnect plugin has just been updated to version 2.20.17. The update addresses the following issues:
- Fixed a bug when X-Plane crashed under certain conditions during the flight;
- Fixed a bug when errors in the Plane Configuration file could cause a crash;
- Fixed a bug when some Navigraph data could not be obtained in Linux;
- Improved compatibility with X-Plane 11. Removed downloading winds aloft for US (winds.rwx) as this is no longer supported by Laminar. Global winds aloft data is to be downloaded from the iGoDispatch application;
- Added compatibility with the newer version of iGoDispatch for CRJ-200 (to be released soon).

The update is available here: 


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Within the next 24 hours, an update for the application to version 3.0 should be available on AppStore. This is a major update that includes completely rewritten code. Although testing has been performed in the last couple of weeks, it is possible that the application may still have bugs. Please let me know if you find any. Some of the changes include:

  • Added compatibility with iOS11;
  • Revised UI;
  • Added flight planning using SIDs, STARs, and Approaches;
  • Added downloading current winds aloft from the NOAA servers;
  • Fixed bugs.

If someone is not familiar with the new UI, you may read the manual available here (not from the application yet, this will be fixed later):




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iGoDispatch will be updated in the next 24 hours. The application is now compatible with the latest version of iOS and iGoConnect plugin, which had to be modified to work with the upcoming desktop application for IXEG's Boeing-733 and address some TCP connection issues.

Do not forget to download and install the updated iGoConnect plugin once you upgrade!

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Please note that NOAA has migrated all its traffic to HTTPS. Because of that, the application cannot download the NOAA winds aloft data at the moment. I am aware of the situation and will fix it as soon as possible. Please bear with me and use the X-Plane winds aloft for now.


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