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SkyMaxx Pro - Problems with other plugins


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Hi guys, I'm having some problem with my XP10 and especially with all my payware airplanes.


All my payware aircraft are:


- B777-200ER/LR/F/300ER;

- B757-200RR/PW;

- Boeing 737-200TwinJet,

- Boeing 727-100/200Adv/200F; 

- Airbus A350-900XWB;

- Airbus A320neo;

- Douglas DC-3;

- Bombardier Q400;


I don't know why, but when I install this plugin on my XP, there're some problems, all my payware airplanes, are loaded but I can't use them. It's like when you load the aircraft for the first time, and XP ask you the activation key, the only difference is that XP doesn't ask me a key. If I delete SMP (SilverLining folder), my XP comes back to work. Any idea?


The pictures that you can see is the problem that I have.

I hope you can help me.

Thanks in advance to all.









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This is a new one. So, none of the panels in your aircraft appear?


I can't really come up with a theory on how SkyMaxx Pro would cause that to happen (and if it did, I would have thought it would have been reported by others already.)


However, there does seem to be a problem with your 777 installation reported in your log:


Fetching plugins for F:\X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/B777-200ER/pluginsF:\X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/B777-200ER/plugins/T7Avionics/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 1114 : Routine di inizializzazione della libreria di collegamento dinamico (DLL) non riuscita.F:\X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/B777-200ER/plugins/T7Avionics/win.xpl : Error Code = 193 : %1 non è un'applicazione di Win32 valida.F:\X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/B777-200ER/plugins/sasl/64/win.xpl : Error Code = 1114 : Routine di inizializzazione della libreria di collegamento dinamico (DLL) non riuscita.F:\X-Plane 10/Aircraft/Heavy Metal/B777-200ER/plugins/sasl/win.xpl : Error Code = 193 : %1 non è un'applicazione di Win32 valida.
I don't know Italian, but according to Google Translate I think this means you have some missing system dependency. My guess would be the Visual Studio 2010 runtime library. Try re-installing your 777, and it might install whatever system library is missing for you.


I do see a few things in your log file that indicate other problems:


- You seem to have two copies of the "headshake" plugin installed; one in the plugins/64 directory, and another in plugins/Head Shake/64. The one in plugins/64 is the one being loaded, so if that's not supposed to be there, delete it.


- Your PythonInterface plugin is failing to load. I don't know what effects this might have on other plugins or aircraft that might depend on it. This is probably the same visual studio runtime library problem.


- Your GroundTraffic plugin is also failing to load due to some missing system dependency; probably the same thing again.

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I am seeing a number of problems (most of which should not cause anything serious) in Log.txt...


First, are you running X-plane in (default) english, or some translation? The log.txt is filled with "language file line xxx blah blah blah". I don't think this is the reason for your problem, but it doesn't hurt to try with "the language the developers are actually developing for" (which is english... if this does prove to be the problem; file a bug... if Laminar really means to support multiple languages, they really should support multiple languages).


Some of your add-on airports contain wonky taxi-signs. Again, this most likely is not the problem, but I would like to meet the persons who though setting such taxi signs somewhere would be a good idea in the first place.


Then... there are some taxi sign-issues X-plane might actually be having trouble with; KBUF, KFRG, ZSPD, LESO, LIRF, VMMC and ZGGG are throwing errors I haven't seen before (or paid attention to... also possible).


X-plane's ATC (which, even if you might not be using is - always is there) is having some problems with KSAN, LTBA and VCBI.


GroundTraffic-plugin is having problems with some objects. I would try disabling the plugin and trying if things are fine without it.


Gizmo64 is complaining about not finding some boot script... but so is mine, so that probably is not such a huge problem.

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Well, I'll try! Most software for Windows is developed using a tool from Microsoft called Visual Studio. And, depending on how you deploy that software, it may require specific DLL's from Microsoft to be installed that are associated with the version of Visual Studio used to develop the software. Without them, the software won't function.


Usually software will install these DLL's as part of their installation to make sure it works. But somehow, these DLL's either were never installed or got removed on your system.


It seems many of your plugins depended on these DLL's, so restoring them with that installer from Microsoft is all that was needed to get up and running again.

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