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New to X plane


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Hi  iam thinking of getting X plane 10 Global


after watching videos on you tube is the graphics really like this with the PA's in cabin ETC


also will my pc run X plane ok my specs are


windows 8.1 64bit

8gb ram

3.4ghz processor

graphics card is a geforce gti 650tI Boost 2 GB ddr5 


man ythanks

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What is "3.4ghz processor"?


If it's an AMD Sempron X2, then no, it won't even run Windows 8 smoothly enough to play the new Minesweeper. If it's a six-core Intel Core i7-4960X Extreme Edition, then it's way more than enough to run 3 X-Plane games simultaneously :-) .


Rest of your computer looks good. I have only 4GB of RAM and GeForce GTX 660 and with the HDR lightening turned off it works pretty well (normal planes (Carenado or DreamFoil stuff) 60-70 fps, birds like FlyJSim 727 or LeadingEdge Saab 340 around 20-30 fps).


Of course no computer is good enough to run that greedy b*tches, which flight simulation games certainly are, with performance which you would like to have. So ... if you have money to spend for better graphics card, then it's worth considering.

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BTW sorry, I forget to answer your first question (I'm just not a native English speaker so understanding somebody who also has far-from-perfect English is not that easy).


The video shows what the graphics really looks like in the X-Plane. It shows reality, it doesn't lie. But ... I suppose that the Madeira airport is some paid 3rd party add-on like most of the best quality stuff. However I don't know it for sure - I've never flown there - may be that it is included in the base install or can be downloaded for free, but I wouldn't expect that. Next thing is that the guy who filmed it probably has extremly good computer. If you expect that stunning graphics from your computer, say goodbye to the performance.


Graphically astonishing videos look good at youtube, but you really don't need it for actual playing - this is a flight simulation game where the accurate flight model is top priority, unlike shooting games like Soldier of Fortune, where the top priority is photorealistically-looking guts and brains of your enemies on the wall after being hit by a shotgun. Good thing on X-Plane is that you can really fine-tune graphic options and even if you select low details it still looks good - better than the MSFS X with similar settings while giving more fps. I've even played it using the Radeon graphics integrated in the APU chip for about 2 monts because when I was buying a new computer I wasn't decided yet whether to buy NVIDIA or ATI graphic card and I also wanted to wait for better prices. It worked reasonably well.

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