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EFASS XPUIPC, XPSM and SASL Plug-in Conflict


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Hi guys,


I was wondering if anyone can help a big issue that I'm really struggling with...


I've found that EFASS Plug-ins XPUIPC and XPSM seem to interfere with the SASL internal plug-in files found in:


JARDesign A320neo, FlightFactor 757-200, FlyJSim Dash 8 Q400.


When I load up X-Plane for the first time, without any EFASS plugins, the SASL plugins work perfectly. After installing EFASS with the XPUIPC and XPSM plug-ins, I get an instant 'not responding, had to shutdown error' everytime I try to reload an aircraft that requires SASL.


I've managed to use a work around, but I feel it still has problems. I can create a new folder with the core SASL infomation in Resources>Plugins and delete all remaining SASL information (except the 'data' folder and 'OpenAL32.dll') in each aircraft folder.


Has anyone got any idea why this is happening? I have changed X-Plane's folder properties and security settings to allow all users to access all files with the correct permissions.


I am running X-Plane 10.30b with the latest EFASS (updated yesterday on 14.06.2014 and have tried many previous versions too with X-Plane 10.22 and X-Plane 10.25 -- the same thing happens :()


Any help would be massively appreciated!


Many thanks :)


Pete (ZuluKiloXP)


 (I have submitted a log where the SASL folder is in the correct place in the aircraft folder and what happens if I try to reload the aircraft)


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Hmm interesting... I'm just trying out Windows 7 at the minute to see the results.


May I ask where you've installed X-Plane on your PC and whether you copied the folder over from a previous installation OR straight from the installation DVDs.


Many thanks :)



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