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HDR only halo issues

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Those should be strobe lights but they alternate a white light to a smoke-like black halo. I have this problem with HDR on ONLY. I know similar problems have been reported already but couldn't find the topic.


Can you please uninstall SkyMaxx and see if the problem persists?


Also, are you on Mac or Win?

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John regarding the scenery I sent you you must have the FF_Library and the FF_library_extended_lod installed. If you want I will send you the link to a different version (which includes that file that your X plane can't find) but I would recommend the first solution :)

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We have the same issues whit halo lights.  The clouds cover the rays of lights, if they are in the field of view and far behind the aircraft. Flashes of bacon or nav lights are only those at an aircraft circuit, that on the background of sky and clouds is disappear. It is very ugly and annoying. I also acknowledge a problem with the lights in the inversion of the negative. Solve the problem

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