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This is the effect we are trying to simulate......enjoy the nice piano music, la lalala laaaaaa lalala la la 







SkyMaxx does a good job as vids have pointed out.......

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You cannot simulate clouds from a time laps video, even though you fly at 300 knots you will not see any clouds rotating. The expand and retract but never spin except in vortexes or turbulence. To understand how clouds move, one needs to understand wind, pressure, temperature and dewpoint. I will not conclude knowing either of those, but I do firmly believe you cannot see rotating clouds in the sky

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We can agree to disagree on this subject, I think you are focusing just on the rotations and not looking at the morphing which is a series of things happening all at once....

A. Cloud rotations

B. Cloud puffs shifting

C. Cloud system realignments

The sum of those 3 features adds up to "dynamic clouds"

This is the real beauty of SkyMAXX PRO & SilverLining....

With no winds in the mix the rotations seem out of place that's why you can turn them off..

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Hi, here there are another video with HD mesh v2 and SkyMaxx Pro 1.1, an update, you known, with fixed a improvements, in my opinion excelent update of this engine. 



I hope you like, sorry for flying mistakes :)

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Thanks!! Of course!! Europe and north america I use a lot in my videos and it's great to record videos with this level of mesh!! :) For the future would be nice (if possible) have the Himalayas area (China, Nepal, ...). would be awesome to see mountains like Everest with these great details :-)

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