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Hi, I also think with your specs you don't have problems of performance, I think :) my specs: i7 3770, 16GB of RAM + GTX680 4GB VRAM and with Skymaxx 1.2 (Fixed some issues), I don't noticed decrease in FPS and am very happy with this cloud engine , I use always and I recommend the purchase :-)

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Can anyone tell me the general opinion on this product. Does it improve the frame rate at all. I am thinking of buying it but if it won't improve my FPS over the default weather it will be a waste of money.



Let me add my experience to the discussion.  Since I have started using SkyMAXX Pro (SMP) it has become a necessarly part of my flying.  The realistic behavior and appearance of the clouds is far better than anything else I have tried.


My frame rates with SMP are considerably better than what I have if I use the default clouds (or any other addon).  To make that determination I compare SMP with others I fly the same aircraft, the same route, and the same weather using each cloud maker plugin.  SMP always wins.


It would be hard to say exactly the amount of FPS boost you will see because each computer, graphics card, and operating system is different.  You will have to test for yourself.  However, SMP will not fix a serious FPS problem if you already have one.  The beauty of SMP is that you can make significant adjustments to fit your system and your taste.  And you can do this on the fly if you need to. 


There have been situations during a flight where I was seeing a frame rate of around 80 fps only to see it drop dramatically as I approached an aiport with a lot of objects, in a large city, and while running into a significant storm system (lots of clouds).  However all I needed to do is pop open the SMP menu and drop some sliders and settings.  My frame rate stays in the safe zone.


My money was well spent for SkyMAXX.  You, of course, will decide for yourself. :)

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yeah, I completely agree with the previous comment. You can also configure many parameters that can help improve performance and FPS ... To me it is an essential weather/cloud engine currently, it adds great realism to the clouds...


Thanks for all the feedback and good luck with the decision!!  :)

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I agree, mostly...

I think the problem is when heavy overcast is present, in this case the too many puffs seems to have quite an impact on FPS, and I hope a future update of SMP will address this kind of problem.

I was wondering if it could be possible that the "weight" of the textures could change dynamically based on cloud coverage, for example low res textures for 6-8/8 coverage and increasing the less the coverage is...or may be something like a way not to draw so many 3D puffs to cover all the sky.

I hope to have clarified a bit my idea...

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yes, certainly in those specific cases could be improved engine performance... With update 1.2 I'm changing many times, I guess like you :) the SkyMaxx settings, depending on scenery,... to try to get betters FPS. I hope that they release more updates :) , but in general, I think they have done a great job :)


Thanks for feedback!!

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Thanks for all your kind replies, I very much appreciate it.

I do realise that my system specs will play a big part in the overall performance.


Here is a list.


Intel i5 3570k @4.2ghz

EVGA GTX 660 3gb (soon to be a GTX770 4gb) or possibly a 780!!

16gb DDR3 1866mhz RAM

MSi Z77 Mpower mainboard.


I will be making the purchase for sure so thanks again everyone.

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